PC Master Race & Failure to Disclose Relationships

Veemonro’s response to Tyler Wilde’s “PC Master Race” is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks:

“Why do I have to come from Romania to explain this to you? We don’t even HAVE Xboxes in Romania! Why do I have to teach you the American culture? An ex-communist has to come to you to teach you the culture! Jesus Christ, and you’re writing at PC Gamer?!”

Meanwhile, it’s come out that Tyler failed to disclose his relationship with an Ubisoft Communications specialist, so he’s getting a lot of heat for that.  PC Gamer has even posted about it, mea culpa, adding his disclosure to old articles (previously, it had been stated in comments that either there had been no articles or these articles had been deleted; it appears that this impression comes from the fact that searching for Tyler Wilde and Ubisoft on PC Gamer omits many of the articles in question.  I can’t say whether or not this is intentional).

Actually, it’s about ethics in boinking people who work for companies whom you’ve given media coverage.

(Ironically, 90% of my PC gaming is done in the form of Dosbox emulation.)

Later today or tomorrow, I’ll have part 3 of the prep work for Siege of Morgansfort up.



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