MTG Nostalgia

Every time I find myself feeling nostalgic about MTG, it’s always about the stuff from Fallen Empires, Ice Age, Alliances & Homelands, since that was about the time I started playing.

Watching this, I’m like “I had all of those cards!”  For a brief moment, I relived the excitement of opening a booster pack and seeing some awesome stuff.

If MTG had managed to retain the aesthetic and feel from these sets, I might still be playing today.

7 responses to “MTG Nostalgia

    • Seriously, though, every once in awhile, I find myself thinking “Man, I’d love to start playing magic again!” but then I see some cards from the newer sets, shake my head, and decide not to subject myself to my girlfriend’s derision.

      • I have a similar problem but my problems with MTG outweigh any of the potential enjoyment. I think the game has some fundamentally bad design and I just can’t shake how much MORE enjoyable it would be if they just fixed some of its problems.

        Once I get thinking about how much fun the game COULD be, I can’t justify playing it anymore. I might sigh a little over the nostalgia, but the feeling passes quickly enough.

        I’m a sore loser and that’s reason enough for me to avoid competitive play — and MTG is nothing if not competitive.


      • Yes. The constant rules-bloat, terminology shifting, rules-rescinding are all incredibly off-putting, but the aesthetic seals the deal for me. If they had maintained the quality fantasy art style they’d established in the mid 90s, hadn’t changed the background and formats to more closely resemble JCCG counterparts, I might have been able to overlook the quadrupling of the necessary terminology to describe what things did or were doing in expansions, but everything from an art direction standpoint that I found charming about Magic the Gathering (and was one of the main reasons why I enjoyed collecting) starting going out the window by the time I was in middle school. Sure the Urza block had a lot fun stuff mechanically, but the subtle layout and style tweaks made it so that it was feeling more like a comic book in card form.

        Then again, I wasn’t a fan of the Mirage Block’s weird quasi Arabian + Darkest Africa fantasy feel either.

        But I also know that your biggest problem with MTG was the land mechanics and the uneven pacing it could lead to.

        “I floop the pig. He eats your cornfields.”

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