A Brief MYFAROG Update

I’ve been jotting down some notes for MYFAROG Character Role cards, though admittedly doing prep work for my own B/X game has taken up more of my time than I’d anticipated.

Still, I’ve been able to read some of the clarifications on combat, and I’m really liking the stamina system for quick adjudication of combat. The mechanical benefits that turtling grants significantly outweigh those in other systems I’ve played; by devoting your stamina to consistently blocking then waiting for an opportunity to strike an exhausted opponent is a viable strategy. Not just trade blows until one person falls over due to getting crappier rolls.

I don’t really think that there are specific rules for use with miniatures, but the combat system in MYFAROG definitely deserves a second look as a tactical micro board game.

I’m happy to see that there are some players out there taking up MYFAROG’s banner, especially since I don’t have the time to devote to being the sole source of gaming and mechanical analysis of the game. If any of you MYFAROG players out there are blogging about your experiences, let me know; I’ll follow and I’ll share them here.

I mostly wanted to note that (especially compared with AD&D’s obnoxious HP specific algebra) I love the new simplified XP calculation that MYFAROG uses: every time you do something and don’t fuck it up, you get 50XP.

11 responses to “A Brief MYFAROG Update

  1. Yep, but that would be 50 XP for every round engaged in combat (simply put). So you do have more varied XP gains from using skills and such.

    Thanks for the attention.

    PS. I just noticed the re-blog button up there. We both have WordPress. 🙂

    • Ah, yeah, you’re right. Still, it’s nice, because the players can track it on their own. None of that “Well, let me tally up the monsters you fought and the treasures you found and I’ll get back with you in a week”.

      You’re welcome, and thanks for the share!

      • Been there, done that.

        Actually, when I was GMing I used to add up the XPs between sessions, so we started each session with new XP for the characters and possible leveling up (we played MERP/Rolemaster).

        The possibility of leveling up the next session was an extra reason to show up and play, ha ha.

      • Same here, but what gets me in trouble is my penchant for procrastination, especially since we don’t meet every week. My handwritten notes tend to be pretty scatterbrained, so while I can usually come up with XP for monsters and treasure (oftentimes maybe one or two nights before the next time we meet), if the party hangs onto mundane treasure then asks about selling it months later, I’m all “Crap, how much was that thing worth?”

      • By the way, my girlfriend says she appreciates that you didn’t fill MYFAROG with pictures of half-naked women with stupid boob armor. 😉

      • Yeah, those images are really silly. I got Savage World’s Fantasy Companion a few days ago, and it is full of those idiotic images. It’s a shit book as well, I can add.

  2. I’d love to see you post your character quick reference cards when you get them completed.

    In my playing, I’ve found the most helpful tool to be my home-made MM screen. I “repurposed” an old D+D screen with some of the tables provided by Varg as well as some I find useful such as weather phenomena. I’ll probably replace some of the combat tables with optional rules soon as I have a pretty good handle on basic combat. So far, my players have not yet made it to a Saturday to spend any XP, so they are pretty far away from becoming any role besides civilian for the time being.

    As far as adapting Myfarog for miniatures, I am sure you could easily do that due to the basic rules being so adaptable. I personally hate using miniatures of any kind, due to horrendous experiences with warhammer 40K. There is nothing worse than setting up a diorama with your friends and then finding out that you can’t hit anything because the scale is off. Horrible teenage memories of wasted weekends making playsets. Fricking hate 40K(apologies to anyone who loves it).

    • I fully intend to make them available for free as a print & play supplement. Right now, I’m trying to decide what the most useful information to contain on them would be. Originally, I had envisioned them for simple role based games, but it would be a waste to not make them as useful to MYFAROG players as possible. That said, I’ll probably include a very brief description of the role, the requirements for the role, and bonuses bestowed by the role.

      I have mixed feelings about miniatures. I’ve never actually played miniatures based wargames, but I have found that, so long as you use a consistent scale that works with the rules, using mini’s for certain types of encounters can be helpful. In my B/X Dungeons & Dragons game, I will typically use minis if the players are fighting humanoids while in a dungeon, but for small animals, large monsters, or anything outdoors that isn’t a standup fight, I’ve found simple descriptions suffice.

      I’ve never run a fight on anything bigger than a 10×10 grid, and most fights, though that will change once I run the big battle I’ve been working on. Right now, I’m thinking in terms of one on one fighting, so I may look at how a mini fight would play out on a 5×5 grid in MYFAROG.

      • 10×10 is large enough for an encounter and small enough to not be cumbersome to set up. The playsets I created for 40k were made on a door resting on 2 saw horses. Set up was a bitch and take down even worse. That’s why I steer clear of using mini’s, but it sounds like you keep is much more manageable.

      • Yeah, we mostly just use them to get an idea of who is standing where and “no, you can’t throw a spear here, you’ll skewer the fighter.”

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