This article explains what’s going on with the Hugos better than I could

Consider it a supplement to yesterday’s article.  It also does a pretty good job of explaining what the Sad Puppies are (something I had a little bit of trouble googling on my own, since most of the results that turned up were along the lines of “Fuck Vox Day, Fuck Larry Correia, Fuck the Sad Puppy Right-Wing Fascists, John Scalzi is God!”).



10 responses to “This article explains what’s going on with the Hugos better than I could

  1. Oh what rampant shittiness is going on here…So sick of how the world seems to be populated with so many douchy PC myistherightway fucktards. Universe has a way of dealing with fucktards, so they’d better look out.

    You’ve got another vote of support.

  2. Seriously, Breitbart? Didn’t follow the link yet but let me guess: those terrible progressives are not giving awards to writers who are out-spoken conservatives. “Social justice warriors” and “censorship” will occur several times in the article.
    didn’t some dude basically nominate a slate of right-wing bigots so he could complain about left-wing bigots controlling Hollywood/the Federal Reserve/whatever? Yawn.

    • If you think Sad Puppies is unwarranted, it’s probably because you quit reading Hugo nominated works and SFF short stories decades ago. To catch up to what this has become, I suggest these posts as exemplars of the current Hugo/Nebula zeitgeist:

      • Hey, Jeffro! You came by and prolly saw my story before I got to tell you! Yeah, the elderly gay man in my group was all “Vox Day is a racist biggot homophobic xenophobic transphobic right-wing fascist shithead (ad nauseum)”. I was honestly never going to read anything by him before as a matter of time, but now I’m like “I’m curious to see to what would set off this sort of thing!”

      • Man, I’ve only had a chance to skim that first one, and now I’m reminded of all of those pictures on the Lousy Book Covers tumblers of almost naked women badly photoshopped into pictures of rampaging Tyrannosaurs… D:

    • From what I gathered, “right-wing bigots” nominated some “right wing bigots” some “moderates” and some “left-wing bigots” to show that the “left-wing bigots” would say that the whole lot of them were “right-wing bigots” for having been nominated by “right-wing bigots”.

      Honestly, I don’t know who most of these folks are, but when I told my D&D group about how one of the guys who helped ‘playtest’ my book was shortlisted for a Hugo and the name Vox Day came up, I got to hear a 5 minute rant from one of my players about how VD’s the goddamn devil.

      Even if they were using Jeffro’s nomination to troll people, it doesn’t change that Jeffro’s been doing some really cool work on the Appendix N stuff.

      • Well as usual it’s more complex than I thought. Very classy of the nominator to drag other people into his grievances against the world, very classy of the club to tar all the nominees based on who nominated them…. The fact is I don’t read much recent sci-fi and fantasy, certainly not enough to be able to say how the award winners rate in comparison to the field in general. Though I always thought Sturgeon’s law was a little generous.
        Anyway I didn’t mean to distract from the point that Jeffro is an innocent casualty. But it is so tiresome to listen to the conservatives’ persecution complex.

      • In fairness, I may also be mischaracterising the motives of the nominators (or not, I don’t know; I don’t actually know or follow those people), but it has been an opportunity for them to say “see, we told you so” when the non-rightwing nominees on their lists have been harassed into requesting that they be removed from the list, essentially because they are liked and read by the wrong people.

      • After having read “If you were a Dinosaur, My Love”, I can even believe that maybe these people just want less shitty stuff to win Hugo Awards.

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