RPG Blog Alliance to Shut Down in April

This day just keeps gettin’ worse & worse, don’t it?

It’s a shame.  Cirsova has been a member almost since I started.  It’s got me a lot of friends and connections within the RPG blogging community and has benefited the site in ways that mere click thrus can’t quantify.

While we’ll always have the Dyvers Great Blog Roll Call, it’s still not quite the same.

I’m on a ton of feeds just because I’m a member, even if those clicks don’t count as click thrus from the RPGBA.org site.  Being there has certainly upped my search ranking.

And it’s always nice to get an ‘at a glance’ look at who’s blogging about what, especially given the variance of blogging platforms.  There are a lot of Blogger blogs that I can’t “follow” on wordpress, and they’re not necessarily blogs that I read regularly, but every once in awhile, it’s good to see what’s going on.

It’s awful that all of that is going away, but what’s one to do?


6 responses to “RPG Blog Alliance to Shut Down in April

  1. I was never on that but yeah, links from other blogs definitely drive the most traffic to my site too. The silo effect between Google Blogger and WordPress is frustrating too.
    I wouldn’t worry much though. You seem to get comments on virtually every post, so you have found an audience!

    • Thanks, and I DO appreciate the audience I have, but despite the declaration of failure from the admins, I DID feel like there was a sense of community there.

      Google wants to control everything and as long as they do, folks will be relegated to their various blog-ghettos, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. There are enough blogs I enjoy that are on Blogger that I wish there were some way to easily follow, browse and find new posts by tag, but it’s just something I don’t have the energy to hassle with.

  2. We need a net-friendly blog browser of some sort.

    I got a small but steady stream of traffic from RPGBA and I will most definitely miss that. RPGBloggers is as bad as that post stated though — worse, actually. 2+ years and I haven’t so much as heard back from them after multiple queries.

    Seems like it would be a full-time job though.


    • I thought of it as a “small steady stream”, but when it came to referral and not direct clicks and wordpress following, it was actually right there up at the top, right behind twitter (which I’m sure will dwindle to nothing now) and reddit (which mostly came in one big wave when Shorty Monster shared one of my posts there).

      I sometimes think that RPGBloggers might be a zombie site; it looks like it’s alive, but the code is just self-sustaining enough that it has the appearance of being active. My application from 2012 never went through.

      Really, what I’ll miss the most is just having it there as a feed to browse now and then to see if blogs I don’t normally subscribe to or follow have something interesting going on. Strange as it sounds, sometimes it’s nice to just know that folks are still posting about stuff out there, and the feed gives a decent idea about what is buzzing at the moment.

      Between this and OSRPG Planet being gone I might actually HAVE to start reading RPGBloggers.

      • Now there’s a depressing thought.

        Maybe Charles will start something up. He was getting all cryptic toward the end of 2014, talkin’ ’bout his schemes and whatnot. Not that I think he was anticipating the RPGBA shutdown, but that he might consider expanding the Great Blog Roll Call or sommat.

        I don’t know. My networking skills are not the best, and I’m not really connected to tons of other design sites. I have a feeling that without the RPGBA I’m going to have to find another aggregate/feed to attach myself.

        Speaking of traffic, it’s probably time to add a TVtropes page for the New Rumors of War comic and see if I can’t pull in some more readers. (Since the comic’s wrapping up at the end of the month… <_<)


      • Yeah, the Great Blog Roll Call is a pretty awesome concept, and I think he realizes that more can be done with it (otherwise it seems to be a tremendous amount of work for just a link page).

        Sometimes I wished I’d kept at it over at Dice Monkey (I certainly put out enough content these days to spread it out in two places), but for whatever reason, my depression keeps me down when trying to reliably create content while my mania makes up for it while I just post what comes to mind.

        I need to make a TVTropes page for City at the Top of the World one of these days.

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