Former PC as Boss-fight

The elf in our party had to drop out for personal reasons, but that doesn’t mean that the character has magically disappeared from the land of Alfheim.

When he was last involved, he had three spellbooks, his own, Nuromen’s book of 1st level spells and a book of 1st level spells from one of the necromancers of Stull, and he was practicing with Taramedes, the resident mage of Alfort/Morgansfort. Well, during the party’s absence in Portsdam and Malek, Taramedes’ house burned down and no one has seen hide or hair of the elf.

He’ll be waiting for the party in the Maze of Nuromen. He’ll be undead and scary, completely burned to a crisp, an apprentice to Nuromen and 4th level.

His purpose there will be:
-to let the party know about the crown treasure in the module
-to answer a few questions about what’s going on with Caelden, what Nuromen’s relationship with him was, and how the party has been playing into the elf king’s hands (if they ask the right questions)
-to build some dynamic continuity and get the players a bit more invested in the world
-to have a sweet boss fight.  We haven’t had a sweet boss fight since Stull.

Welcome! It took you long enough. I was beginning to think you’d never arrive. Well here we all are.

While only one of us came here invited, your coming was expected. He’s looking for his crown, you know. Caelden. I assume you’re here for it, as well.

You have no idea what we’ve started, do you? I suppose you have questions. Fair enough. You deserve to at least know the part you’ve played in this ruinous affair. Nuromen has granted me the liberty of answering you each one thing before you go poking about and defiling his resting place. But know this: you cannot be allowed to leave here alive.

If you find the crown, you must get it out of Alfheim by any means possible. Do not let it fall into Lord Caelden’s hands.


2 responses to “Former PC as Boss-fight

    • Yeah. There’s a chance the PCs won’t recognize him unless they put 2 & 2 together, though; I imagine him looking kind of like a giant black bend’em with a skullheadface. I’m of the mind to start working in a lot of “liches, but not really” into the setting as things get gradually worse. I figure if I use ‘scary stuff not from the book’ my players won’t know what to expect or just how scared they need to be. I had another one off player who was a chaotic wild mage; he may show back up later, too.

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