So Some People are Pushing the Idea of Paying for Professional Dungeon Masters


It takes some desperation to want to pay someone hourly per-person fees to DM for you.  The hobby has done pretty well for the past 40 years with folks paying the DM in snacks, soda and beer. I’d say that these guys are pricing themselves out of the market, but I’m sure there must be some folks out there desperate enough to shell out for this.  Then again, I can also see this devolving into “Pay $$$$ for a sexy lady to come and run Tomb of Horrors for you and your friends!  Guaranteed sexy!  Guaranteed nerdy!  Guaranteed TPK!”

6 responses to “So Some People are Pushing the Idea of Paying for Professional Dungeon Masters

  1. It isn’t so different from the idea of buying a ticket for an event at a convention. I tried (unsuccessfully) to hire myself out as a GM for a few years during my transition from CA to UT. The market just wasn’t there (and/or I didn’t have the marketing experience). I figured $30-50 for 4-6 players and a 3-hour session was comparable to movie ticket prices — and probably more entertaining.


    • Certainly no offense meant to you, but there really is no market for it. Enough people are willing to DM for free that next to nobody would pay for the privilege.

      I do think that conventions are another story. I could see conventions offering paid perks to individuals who’d be up for running games at the con to make sure that there were enough DMs for potential players, but that’s different than this idea of working towards being employed full time as a DM working 40hr wk as ones profession.

      Frankly, sometimes I feel like I’m overcompensated as a DM by the awesome amounts of potluck goodies and microbrews I get to partake in just for running a game.

      • No offense taken. *shrug* It didn’t work out. Not that I don’t think it wouldn’t be worth trying again… I just wouldn’t invest a whole lot of time and energy into it. Which would probably spell its doom… and the cycle continues.


      • I DO, however, think, after further thought, that there’s a market for professional attractive women DMs. Or players. I’m sure that people would pay to game with, say, the women in Zac S’s group. But that opens up a big can of worms that’s going to be very wormy.

      • Convention gaming probably ruined me for home games forever. I’ve long tried to bring the enthusiasm home but there’s something about the atmosphere at a convention that just works better.


      • Probably there’s less time-wasting and tabletalk. If I’d actually had anything planned for my last session, I would’ve said that it had been ruined by table-talk (one player in particular, who has been something of a problem), but since a lot of what we were doing was down-time and direction-finding, I was okay to write it off.

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