The Escapist, Vox Day, & Some Other Things

Damn big shakeup at Escapist over the last few weeks, culminating in Liz F becoming a contributor and Oliver Campbell being invited to submit a pitch.

These are gold:

Oliver Cam
I’ve added to my adblock white list and will maybe peek in once in awhile.

Anyway, I said months ago that this all could’ve been over quickly if more media outlets had taken a more reasonable approach to the situation as the Escapist did.

In Hugo news (kind of), I realized that I had a book by Vox Day sitting around waiting to be read and didn’t even know it. Several months back, someone on some blog (I forget which one, or I’d link it) was writing about elves in D&D, the question of if they had souls & OSR resurrection mechanics (which exclude elves). One of the commenters was all “I wrote a book about that once”. It sounded cool, so I added it to my Amazon wish-list and got Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy for Christmas. Flash forward to a few weeks ago: I brag to my B/X group about how Jeffro, one of the guys who beta-read City at the Top of the World, was in the running for a Hugo Nomination, and Castalia House & Vox Day came up. One of my players proceeded to go on a rant about how Vox Day was the Devil. A few days later, I see the book on my shelf, all “Theodore Beale… Hey, wait a minute! This is a book by that guy!” Summa Elvetica shot straight to the top of my reading list. I’ll probably have something to say here about it once I finish Foucault’s Pendulum. I might also pick up a copy of the novelization of Rebel Moon too, just for the heck of it, since the Dollar Trees in my town have had literally hundreds of copies for months, though they’ve dwindled down to the half-dozens recently.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to get anything productive done at home, and that includes the stuff I said I’d work on for MYFAROG, which I should’ve done a month ago. I might just have to bring the book to work with me and write up those cards during my lunch breaks. Between being stuck in a depressive fugue and playing Daggerfall and Phantasy Star IV, I’ve done nothing productive except for in my ditherings at work.

On a parting note, here is some insightful thoughtfulness from KiteTales on identity:

Shadow Over Alfheim update will be up later this week.

6 responses to “The Escapist, Vox Day, & Some Other Things

    • Yeah, sounds like the dude has some hate.

      I’ll admit, though, whenever I find out that someone has particularly hyperbolic critics, it fuels my curiosity to find out what the deal is.

      • I know, I’m drawn to “find out what the deal is” myself. That’s actually not always such a good thing however, sometimes “the deal” is that people are choosing to be evil for evil’s sake.

        I always assume they just don’t know better or perhaps they are just hurting or maybe they just don’t understand…so I believe that if I just reach out to them, perhaps they’ll come to see, to choose a better way. I want this to be true so badly, it’s very easy to lose sight of all common sense.

      • Agreed. Absolutely. For my part, I don’t think I’ve tried to ever intentionally sway anyone or try to show anyone the light, and I’ve managed to make connections with a fairly diverse group, but those who do seem to be evil for evil’s sake I stay away from pro-actively. That said, from what I’ve seen so far, Vox strikes me as more damaged than evil. In the places where I agree with him, it’s like we’re on the same side, but he’s the guy with one hand, missing an eye, and pulling the pin of the grenade with his teeth and you don’t know if he’s going to toss it out of the trench in time or if he’s going ‘walk-it-out’ himself.

      • Absolutely. I agree with Vox on many things, and as angry as his hatred makes me, I believe he has some redeeming qualities.

        LOL, those kind of people can be five times as awful however, because they’re likeable! A real louse you can simply walk away from, indifferent, and never give a second thought to.

      • For those sorts of people, I’ve always found that it’s best to engage on common ground, enjoy what the friendship has to offer and not go out of ones way to focus on the differences and avoid what you know will be a conflict. So long as that person can also avoid pursuing topics with you that they know will inevitably lead to conflict, I’ve found one can have rewarding friendships with them. Heck, that’s how I ended up being kind of internet friends with Varg Vikernes (who is actually a really nice dude!)

        But if someone insist on taking the chip on their shoulder about a topic (or not even a chip but a particularly strong contrary opinion) knowingly into every situation, then they’re someone you need to avoid.

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