The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge, A Fisking.

It’s amazing how cartoonishly racist so-called progressives are. I’m reminded of when I realized that if you switched out gender with race with what interweb feminists were saying that you got some really gross stuff.

I am not a cis het white male, but I don’t think I’ve ever been reading a book and thought to myself “This would be such a better read if it hadn’t been written by a white man.” As I make my way through Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, I have not once thought, “This is good, but what would really improve it would be some more diversity.”

The whole “Sci-fi and fantasy is the realm of white men!!?” tripe is a meme that is as wrong as it is bizarre. Some of the most successful, beloved and prolific writers in Fantasy & Sci-fi have been women. Jane Yolen? Ursula K. Leguin? Andre Norton? Anne McCaffrey? J.K. Rowling? Suzanne Collins? Hell, even Stephanie Meyers?* And those are just the obvious off-the-top-of-the-head ones. The genres are full of diversity; you can easily find something you’ll enjoy and maybe, if it’s really that freaking important to you, it’ll be written by someone who looks like you. But to go and say “Fuck everybody who’s ________, I don’t need to read their shit and you don’t either; broaden you damn horizons!” hardly seems necessary or even sane, in some cases.

*:Hell, I forgot Margaret Weiss.  I read a ton of her stuff when I was a little kiddo.

Monster Hunter Nation

I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to finish the rough draft of a novel for a gaming IP by the end of February, and then I’ve got two short stories due the first part of March, but Monday morning I see this nonsense. How could I not take a minute to fisk it?

As usual, the original is italics and my comments are in bold.

I Challenge You To Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors For One Year

Bold headline. Short answer? No.

I thought: what if I only read stories by a certain type of author?

On purpose? Then you’d probably be a racist.

K. Tempest Bradford

Pick any whackadoo Social Justice Warrior controversy in sci-fi/fantasy publishing over the last few years and you’ll find K. Tempest Bradford in the middle of it.  She is perpetually outraged that someone may be out there, right now, having…

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