“I paid no attention to gender or race in my reading”

It’s like Heina Dadabhoy realized that she wasn’t a bigot and decided that she needed to a bigot to right some cosmic wrong.

As someone who is non-male and non-white, isn’t she being xenophobic by excluding white male individuals from her reading?

I’m not astounded that there are bigots on the internet.  Nor am I astounded that there are bigots on the internet claiming to be enlightened free-thinkers.  What is astounding is how many of them are wearing their bigotry as badges of honor and pride.  “I’m boycotting people because of their skin color and gender, and you should too!”  This shit has been everywhere lately.

People aren’t saying “Broaden your horizons!” They’re challenging themselves and others to narrow their horizons.  Culture and appreciation of literature isn’t some kind of zero sum game like these people think it is.  You can read books by any damn body.

And, you know, I don’t think I would be bothered by this if these people were like “Look, I’m a fucking racist and I advocate racist things.”  Be intellectually honest about this stuff, but don’t try to pass off exclusionary rhetoric bullshit while pretending that you’re some kind of enlightened equality for all humanist.  You’re not.  You’re a bigot, so just run with it.

Most people don’t give a shit about the color of their favorite author’s skin or whether or not they have dick or a vag or whether that dick or vag was god-given or man-made.  They give a shit about entertaining stories that touch their lives in some sort of way.  And the writer’s race, biological or sociologically constructed gender don’t change that a damn bit, except to bigots.

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