Writer’s Block

Maybe it’s good that we’re taking a break from my game this week. Two people can’t make it, so we’re either going to run another session of Pockets (which was a lot of fun) or Shadows of Brimstone (which I have been told is “Cowboys & Demons”). Maybe that and picking back up with the AD&D game I’m in on Saturday will help me recharge my creative batteries.

Also, is it weird that I’m really wanting to play something that is basically Regular Show: the RPG?  Pockets can be close to that, I suppose.

One of the writing projects I’ve been working on I’ve realised is too big scope-wise to be a single book. Which is problematic and annoying since it’s something that I was writing basically as personal therapy some time before I cranked out City at the Top of the World in two manic weeks and have no intention of publishing (at least not with my name on it). I’ve actually got the “volume 1” finished up, with a cover (why did I get a really nice cover for a book that I don’t plan on publishing!?) to where if I ever DID want it out there, I can just push the button, but I’ve been stuck for maybe a YEAR on this one chapter in what has become the first 1/3rd of the second of 3 books that I do not intend to publish.*

I HAVE at least started some minor work again on the second Cirsova CYOA. I need to muscle through it.

Some days I wish writing were more like playing industrial music. Back then, one or two days of groove amounting to 6 or 8 hours of jam was enough to put out an album or two or three. But I guess I’ve been blocked on that, too, if for different reasons…

*:If my life circumstances change substantially for the better, I might go so far as to buy up a few self-published copies off lulu or something and discretely donate them to thrift stores and maybe use them as trade-ins at used book stores.


2 responses to “Writer’s Block

    • Regular Show is my new Adventure Time.

      In a lot of ways, I like it better because it was (at least up through what I’ve seen) always a slacker comedy aimed at adults. While Adventure Time started as a cool kids show and progressively got weirder and more “adult” to cater to its audience of 20-something stoner-nerds, Regular Show doesn’t really have the pretense of NOT being for adults, so you end up with have what amounts to fairly clean and wholesome stoner comedy, like the HomestarRunner days of yore.

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