Narrow Survival of J’Rhazha

“When J’Rhazha came to this city, he was told that there was much treasure below its streets; indeed, we have found fascinating culture in Anguinon, and it is said that culture is the most valuable of treasures… unfortunately, the orc lady at the Dragonfoot inn does not accept culture as payment for a roof over J’Rhazha’s head.” – J’Rhazha applies for a part-time teaching job at the mage guild.

The megadungeon in the AD&D game I’m in is a death-trap, and there were times on Saturday that I thought for sure I would have to crumple up J’Rhazha and roll up a new character. Our party was short on Saturday, yet for some reason we managed to survive some pretty heavy combat, taking out probably a dozen elves. Some of those kills were made when it was just the elf-fighter (he has high HP, but low armor so isn’t really a tank), the half-orc druid and my Rakasta illusionist.

J’Rhazha’s crowning momement of awesome came when we found one of those so-obvious-it-hurts traps; stairs that clearly turn into a ramp with a treasure chest at the bottom. Since a catman illusionist was the closest we had to a thief at the moment, it was decided that I’d go down to investigate. They tied a rope to J’Rhazha and he very slowly made his way down. He unscrewed the hinges of the chest, and it was clear that opening it would set off the trap. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just left well enough alone and said it wasn’t worth it (because it wasn’t), but I got behind the chest and opened it from behind.

Glub! A Gelatinous Cube drops from the ceiling and starts sliding down towards me. I’m given one action before it slams into me. There’s just enough room between it and the ceiling for me to jump over it. I make the ridiculously hard strength check, rolling below my 7 on two combined d20s.

Looking back now and looking up the GC’s stats, I realize that I might have survived if my companions pulled me through it on the rope, but to escape from that unscathed was quite a feat.

Anyway, J’Rhazha has survived to level 3 and luckily maxed out his puny hit dice every time.  He and his 12 hit points and 3 spells will be ready for anything!

(everybody laughed when J’Rhazha bought a 6 pound bag of borax from the apothecary; nobody laughed when he one-shotted a giant scorpion with it)


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