One Page Dungeon

I’m thinking about hopping back in the One Page Dungeon contest with a new submission.  I skipped the last one because I just couldn’t come up with anything good.  I really felt like I’d shot all of my creativity on Revelry at Pickett Castle and couldn’t match it last year.  And in some ways, I still feel like I can’t match that one.  But I’m working on a “hive of scum and villainy” tavern, a sort of Cheers for thieves and greenskins.  I guess it’s not really a “Dungeon”, but I’m hoping that it’ll be a worthwhile attraction that can be dropped in any town, offering some adventure seeds and some fun.

Random Wizard is organizing it again this year.  It’s taken up a lot of his time, but the work has really shown.  It looks to be another great round.

Update: I’m almost done.  I’ve got things written up and even have a crappy little map to go with it (though it’s actually a better map than Pickett’s Castle).  I just need to get it all formatted on a page.


2 responses to “One Page Dungeon

  1. Cool, good luck!
    I will probably enter this year too. Each year after the first one I entered, though, I found the competition to be stiffer and stiffer, and I no longer delude myself that I could win anything. OTOH I find myself much more likely to use losing OPDs. The winners sometimes seem to be trying too hard and they create beautiful, clever, but unusable dungeons that are so specific to their games or some radical idea that are really suitable only for one-off adventures. IMO… I don’t *think* that’s just sour grapes, but maybe. 🙂

    • Thanks!
      One of my favorite previous winners was a beautiful comic sketch akin to those WotC comics of the old modules; lovely, but not really something you could’ve used for an adventure. In some ways, the least flashy OPDs are the best because they can be dropped into any setting. Admittedly, Pickett’s Castle was meant to be more of a one-off halloween adventure, so definitely wouldn’t fit in most sandboxes, but the one I’ve more or less finished should at least have some utility. Especially if someone wants to include an underground boxing/ufc club that doubles as a thieves guild sub-base.

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