MYFAROG Review Vid & Brief #Gamergate Thought

I feel like a cad for not having followed through with some of my plans for creating playing materials for MYFAROG.  Sure, I’ve been sick a lot lately and depressed, but I can really only blame my laziness.  I WILL make them eventually, but I can’t really say for sure when I’ll get around to it.  I’ve been suffering DMs fatigue and prepping sessions and creating materials (especially those I may not be using in my game in the near future) just hasn’t been high on my list of things to do.

But, as I mentioned awhile back, other folks are starting to take up the torch for MYFAROG, and as the community grows, there’ll be more material out there for folks to game with for this system.

In other news, I was going to write up something about that trainwreck of a stream* that Liana K was in last week, but can’t really think of anything to say but “Wow, that was a trainwreck!”  I still stand by the movement and its goals, but goddamn there are some dumb folks on both sides*.  If you’re going to interview someone, interview them, don’t get half a dozen other people on your stream into the discussion, because at best, it’ll be a mess, at worst, it’ll be an inquisition.  I like Liana and value her voice way more than anybody else on that stream.   Also, wow, a lot of fundamental misunderstanding of US politics and politics in general out there; while overall the movement is anti-progressive, there’s a ton of left-wing GG folks who feel the need to prove their liberal bona fides by shitting on conservatives at any chance.  Oh, well.

I’m probably going to have to cave eventually and put my stuff up on OBS, because there really isn’t anywhere else I’ll get the same visibility.  It’s a damn shame and I’ll hate myself for it.

And yes, Ralph Retort is basically the Gamergate version of Wonkette (which is about the worst thing I think I could say about anyone).

*:I don’t tend to listen to many GG streams, but was curious when I saw Liana’s angry rant response.

**: Best idiot quote from this stream: “Have a nice day not being relevant, Liana K. That’s my only response. And that’s without even knowing completely what happened. I don’t honestly need to know.”  Reminds me of the Tommy Smothers, “I’m an American, I don’t have to see something to know it’s stupid,” bit.

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