A (Very Rough) Cirsova Timeline

I don’t know if I ever shared this, but I came across some old Cirsova notes I’d used for some basic historical guide-lines.  These probably can’t be considered canon, but if you actually enjoyed the setting, you might get a kick out of them.

-500 Migration northward from the people from Ortia and Paelnor

-200 Pre-Cirsovan culture fully assimilated with the migrants

-100 Tower of Owen purportedly built

1 Gatia is founded

20 Cirsovan culture is unified, with Gatia as its capital

25 Ga Akana(1) dies, son Angar Akana(2) assumes throne.

38 Angar Akana(2) dies, son Ger Amia(3) assumes throne.

62 Ger Amia(3) dies, Nephew Orwen Gladus(4) assumes throne.

90 Orwen Akana(5) succeeds father, Orwen Gladus(4)

100 Paelnor invades Karkuras, Cirsova intervenes, unites three provinces.

110 Davou is fortified

120 Ortia is peacefully added to the Empire, Solaris becomes a major port city, exporting goods to lands unknown

125 Orwen Akana(5) dies, is celebrated as a god. Son(6) succeeds him.
127 Son(6) dies, brother(7) succeeds.
143 younger brother(7) dies, son(8) succeeds.
150 Southern Gatlia is settled,
155 (9)
156 (10)
173 (11)
180 Conquest of Ungoza, Delivals settled
189 (12) Orrin Acana succeeds his father(11)
200 Discovery of the Ungoza crater, first envoy from Polaris

210 the Long road is completed.

400ish, encyclopedia of the cirsovan empire written

You’ll note that by this timeline City at the Top of the World takes place roughly 1000 years before “present” of the setting as well as the book I’m kind of half-working on.  I’ve changed the scope of the follow-up book to be more about these two characters and their story, removing the aspects that worked in the original D&D adventure.  I feel that the tone didn’t quite work, even if I pulled a quantum narrative.  An urban and sea adventure in Gatlia doesn’t quite jibe with the horrifying setup of Altier being burned to the ground on the night of the Goash festival.  I think I’ll split off that aspect to be its own book.  Maybe even make that one second person?  I think this book works better to establish Percy and the conspiracy for the throne he’s involved in, but the limitations of a Choose Your Own Adventure format would make it difficult to explore both the setup through this main character AND allow the reader to explore and become involved with it.  I MIGHT go with a “canon” ending of the second book, though, to the extent that the characters from the 2nd book will remain relevant in 3rd, though they will not be the “player characters”.

3 responses to “A (Very Rough) Cirsova Timeline

  1. Reading this reminded me of how individual city-states can/have/will keep their own calendars. I wonder if there’s an effective way to juggle multiple calendars … I guess that’d be kind of like managing multiple currencies carried by competing city-states. Hm.


    • Y’know, in the book I’m reading now, one of the narrative hooks is that the Knights Templar’s 600 year 6 phase plan for world domination was interrupted and ruined by the fact that the British didn’t adopt the Gregorian calendar at the same time as the rest of Europe, therefore the 2nd group of hidden Templars (British) missed their scheduled meeting with the 3rd group of hidden Templars (french), which resulted in the huge boom of Rosicrucian pamphlets and publications in the 16th century as the 2nd and 4th (German) groups of hidden Templars desperately tried to salvage their plan.

      So, yeah, Juggling multiple calendars is hella difficult even in the real world. I still have to look up things like which months Brumaire or Fructidore correspond with when I’m reading French Rev history.

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