Re: Kim Yale

So, some people have taken offense to or at least got the wrong take-away from my earlier post.

Let’s get one thing straight: I was NOT shitting on Kim Yale.

What I was trying to address was the fact that Barbara Gordon is constantly pointed to as a victim of sexism in comics, SPECIFICALLY with the constant references you see comparing the origins of Oracle to the Knightfall arc, all while ignoring the fact that the reason we have Oracle as a character is because Kim Yale, a woman, decided to do something drastically different and original with the character.  And Chuck Dixon, one of the best Bat-writers of the 90s, thought Kim’s idea for Barbara was awesome, and ran with it through a lot of his titles.

I was hoping to point out that by constantly bringing up the Knightfall comparison, people are actually shitting on the woman who gave comics one of its most unique and interesting characters.

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