This TIE Fighter Short Film is Badass

So, a guy spent 4 years making a ridiculously high-quality TIE Fighter anime short in the crazy high-octane 80s sci-fi style of stuff like Macross or Gundam: Stardust Memory.  It’s a reminder of just how badass the old TIE Fighter PC game was and just how badass Star Wars can be when it’s not being terrible (which is pretty often!).

Frankly, I’d be more excited if someone told me that this guy had been handed millions of dollars to make a full length animated feature film than I could ever be about the new JJ Abrams movie.  Sorry, JJ, you’ve done some alright stuff, but this 7 minutes is more awesome than any of it.


The characters all have pretty extensive backstories which can be found here.

The worst Star Wars fan on the Internet, on the other hand, can be found here.


2 responses to “This TIE Fighter Short Film is Badass

  1. Take everything I love about Star Blazers, Macross, Robotech, and Star Wars and mix it in a pot…You get this wonderful creation.

    I think I just gave birth.

    Now if the Rebels animated series was like THAT, I’d be hooked.

    • This is probably in the top 3 badass things to come out of the Star Wars Universe alongside the actual TIE Fighter game and the Gendy Tartakovsky Clone Wars Series (which actually was awesome enough to convince me that Episode 3 might not be shit; I was wrong!)

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