Lynnea Glasser Apparently Hates Me and I Have No Idea Why

I probably would’ve never known if it hadn’t been for some recent traffic from her dev blog.

Awhile back, I reviewed Creatures Such as We, a game from IF Comp 2014 which I really enjoyed, and I left a couple comments on Glasser’s blog praising the game and then later one congratulating her on the game’s podium finish in the competition.  For some reason, out of the other various comments praising the game and congratulating, my “This game is amazing” and “Congrats on your second place finish in IF Comp” were singled out for admin deletion.  I have no idea why.  I would not even address this if a) I hadn’t recently got traffic from the site and b)the assumption that people have when your comments are deleted on a blog was that you were being offensive or abusive.*

I can’t speculate on her (I assume she moderates her own blog) motivation, though I am curious.  Strangely enough, one of my three comments (the most negative of the bunch) DID survive (, though probably because it was on different post.


5 responses to “Lynnea Glasser Apparently Hates Me and I Have No Idea Why

    • It hurts my feelers 😥
      But seriously, though, it made me think some about how “could stealth libel be a thing?” Because like I said, normally comments only get deleted if someone is trolling, harassing or abusing. If the comment were just totally gone, that would be one thing, but when the name and link are left behind with only the message “This comment has been deleted by a site Administrator” without any other context, people are bound to assume the absolute worst.

      • It is hard to think anything else when you see a notice like that. 😦

        Ages ago, I chose to ‘hide’ all of the really old comments on my deviant art account because I’ve had the thing for 10+ years and most of them didn’t feel relevant any more. DA doesn’t give you a ‘delete’ option so I always wonder what people who see them think. :/


      • Well, I think if you hid all of them, it wouldn’t be perceived as a big deal. If you just hid all of one person’s comments for no discernible reason yet left the others, then it might raise an eyebrow.

      • I hate to speculate, but given that her most recent tweet was demanding that bathrooms no longer be separated by gender, I’d guess that I was singled out because I’ve blogged about gamergate…

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