I lied, I may do some round-ups…

“The Hugo Award Nominations have just been successfully hijacked by neofascists.” – Philip Sandifier

I missed the live announcement of the final nominees because I was too busy beating a Jew with my Third Reich Swizzle Stick.

“What I mean by that is this year’s nominations are very silencing. They silence the voices of so many good works and authors by means of political machinations.”  – Process & Form (Complains about nominations after admitting she didn’t vote.)

Nothing silences folks like enfranchisement.  The reason that there are no music award for Punkest Band is that getting a single vote would disqualify you.

At least she’s not advocating people vote No Award across the board in protest and giving step by step instructions on how to make sure your $40 is well spent on Puppy-blocking.

This person at least takes a completely sane and rational approach in her dislike of the Puppies and the Hugo Nom system: “The process wasn’t corrupted; the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy slate played by the rules. I wouldn’t vote for any of the Sad Puppy nominations, but at the same time, it worries me there’s so much outcry over whether the “right” people were nominated, in a pay-for-play open voting process.


3 responses to “I lied, I may do some round-ups…

    • It’s like a never ending trainwreck that you just can’t look away from. Just when you think you’ve seen the stupidest thing anyone could possibly say about the Hugos, someone else comes along and says something worse!

      Maybe someday Nielson-Haydening will enter popular vernacular.

    • Also, wow. Nominations were determined by just over 2000 ballot forms? That that few people have say over the most prestigious award in Sci-Fi & Fantasy is shocking. No wonder people are terrified by the prospect of new people becoming interested in the Hugos; not only are they outnumbered, they realize are a potentially insignificantly small cross-section of science fiction fandom.

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