I was going to do a roundup of some terrible Hugo Related posts

but most of what I’d be posting would just be stolen from Jeffro’s Google+ feed.  So just check that, read Sarah Hoyt’s blog and register to vote*.

The point that a lot of people complaining about the Sad Puppies seems to be missing is that if half a dozen writers with blogs are enough to completely sweep nominations off their slates by doing a simple vote-registration drive, just how many people were determining who the “best writers in science fiction” was until now?  50? 100? 500?  1000?  Certainly not a large cross-section of fandom, if some of the past winners I’ve seen were any indication.

What you hope for reading "If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love"

What you hope for 

What you actually get

What you actually get

So, the problem that has everyone up in arms is that MORE PEOPLE AND MORE FANS ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN THE GENRE.  Because there is suddenly a huge influx of fandom willing to put their money where their mouth is, these people are saying they’d rather take their ball and go home than let the filth and rabble who actually reads and buys science fiction have any say in who is named the best of the best in the field.

What happens when fans get involved with the Hugos?  The gatekeepers of the genre say “This isn’t for the fans!  The fans should just go away!”  Well, fans are going away – they’re moving away from the dribbling idiots for whom gender, race and whatever else scores points in the game of oppression politics and running to the arms of people who are willing to embrace their fans.  They are running away from the sort of people who would in the same breath say that Zelazny’s “Lord of Light” was eye-opening and then call it cultural appropriation.

The saddest thing are the people who WERE nominated by SP/RPs who declined the nomination because the “wrong kind” of fans thought that they were the best of the best.  If someone that you didn’t like or didn’t agree with said “Look, I think you’re awesome and what you’re doing is valuable and worthwhile”, what kind of shit-bird do you have to be to say “Fuckyouverymuch, but I’m not the best and I’d rather work in ignominy than think that someone I disagree with believes that I’m doing something worthwhile”.  Hell, if someone that I’ve crapped on nominated me for something, I’d be all “oh, wow… maybe I should re-evalute my opinions of you and your work.  Fresh beginnings and all that.  Let’s find some common ground!”  The next saddest thing is the amount of harassment and threatened harassment coming from the anti-Puppy crowd towards authors who were on the slate; “how dare the writers who nominated these people not warn some of them ahead of time that they were nominating them? Don’t they realized how much shit we’re going to talk about them and how much dogpiling we’re going to do to them because someone we don’t like thought that they were making valuable contributions to the industry?”  It is the freaking scorpion and the frog!  Sci-fi frog friends out there: don’t take these idiots across the river with you, because you’re all going to drown!

Up later this week: Shadow Over Alfheim update, routing Israelis on the Bar-Lev Line (it’s a board game, not anti-Zionism), and more misadventures of J’Rhazha.

*:Once I figure out how to do this, I’ll put up a post to let everyone know how.  The Loncon3 registration site for supporting seems to be be broken or disabled, so I’ll be trying out the Sasquan registration.  I’ll let you know how that goes.



3 responses to “I was going to do a roundup of some terrible Hugo Related posts

  1. Okay, tangent time:
    I read, “they’re moving away from the dribbling idiots for whom gender, race and whatever else scores points in the game…”

    And the first thing that came to mind is how I’m still struggling to make choices of race/class/gender/etc carry distinct mechanical benefits.

    Am I terrible or what? I saw “scores points in the game” and my mind immediately wandered to game design. Lock me up! I can’t turn it off!

    Okay, enough tangent. 😉


    • LOL. You just lost the game.

      Also, now I’m reminded of someone somewhere who talked about various political/gender identities in terms of being “prestige classes” of Social Justice Warriors.

      Also, I need a break from Hugo Awards stuff. I’m pretty sure I literally made myself sick going through all of this stuff. Last night at a gaming group, I was excited to tell one of my gaming friends that I was signed up to vote for the Awards and he had to stop himself from going on a rant about how terrible Vox Day is. But it’s okay, because we then played OGRE… which I totally want to adapt into a Mobile Suit Gundam game.

      • Also, you should pop ’round and choose your starting PC and settlement. You can email it to me or leave it in the comment section of this morning’s post. You get first pick after all. 😉


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