More Hugo Lies and Slander, this time from Tim Biggs of

Even after the retraction ‘correction’ from EW, has a story up “Sci-fi Hugo Awards hijacked by anti-diversity campaign

The article goes on and claims that Annie Bellet (the lady whose article I reblogged yesterday) was NOT on the Sad Puppies list DESPITE BEING ON THE SAD PUPPIES LIST!


Annie Bellet, one of the writers on the nominees list who was not included in the Sad Puppies or Rabbid Puppies campaign.

Except she was.

Still others have taken solace in the fact that the Puppies’ lists didn’t completely dominate the nominees, with several progressive stories and authors – including Annie Bellet for her widely celebrated story Goodnight Stars – being represented.

To quote Vee Monro, “You’ve hopped aboard the Starship Enterprise to seek out new frontiers of hypocrisy!”

You wanted war? Well, you’re getting war. The Hugos aren’t going to be ruined by people pushing their picks and getting people involved in the process, the Hugos are going to be ruined by assholes who are forcing the victims of their libel to get lawyers involved.

4 responses to “More Hugo Lies and Slander, this time from Tim Biggs of

  1. This is one of a spate of “Gamers are dead” type articles. Someone on a mailing list pushed this out, and these credulous journalists ran with it with ZERO checking. Why didn’t I see this coming…?

    • DaTechGuy did a roundup of the SP ‘gamers are dead’.

      This is insane. I mean, if it weren’t for you, I might just now be noticing this stuff, because as I’ve said before, I hadn’t given much mind to the Hugos for years (maybe thinking “oh, hey, cool!” if I found it mentioned on a yellowed second-hand paperback I was thinking about grabbing), but these last two months have been a mind-boggling and eye-opening experience.

      But… Isabella LINKED to the list that HAD WOMEN ON IT right after she said the list was made to exclude women! D:

    • I just know I’m not going to get anything useful done this week, because on top of everything else i usually try to stay on top of, I’ll be looking at Hugo Awards insanity.

      But, hey! I’m a member of Worldcon now, so I can vote!

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