If I Didn’t Know Better, I’d Think I Was Being Trolled

This Saturday was international games day or international tabletop day or something like that.  Anyway, i had hoped that it would be a brief respite from the Hugos drama, but I was wrong and made the mistake of accepting an invitation to a book club, in which I was behooved to to take up the cause as someone familiar with the situation of the Sad Puppies; normally, I’d keep my mouth shut, but when I’m hearing people being called white male racist homophobes who are going out of their way to exclude women and minorities from Science Fiction, I have to say “Wait a minute, that’s really, provably, not the case”.

Anyway, I’d hope that it was over and done with, but my friend sent me an email demanding citation for my remark to the effect ‘I was under the impression that the Anti-Puppies were the ones who wanted to burn the Hugos down if the Puppies won’ (maybe Jeffro can help me out, or I can at least find where I saw some of it in his G+ feed… but the last thing I want to do is dig through more TNH posts) and included this article* which begins with a hyperbolic laundry list of unrelated terrible things (I’m surprised they didn’t toss in the Holocaust for good measure; they had to save it for the second paragraph!) just to set the mood to make sure you know just how horrible the Sad Puppies are.

I wasted far more time on this than I should’ve on something where I can either ignore it and continue with an uneasy friendship until after Hugo Season or I can fire off an email (after doing even more research to find stuff like the guys who are all “After 2014, every Hugo Award should have an asterisk by it” and finding some incendiary anti-puppy quotes, which is the last thing I want to spend my monday morning doing) and escalate.  Dude clearly wants to escalate, but I’m not sure I’m up for it.

I was going to write some thoughts on the Fan Writer award and why the Mixon article on Requires Hate just doesn’t quite feel like the right fit in that category, but I’m seriously too stressed out by Hugo drama which has spilled out of the internet and into my gaming groups to put my thoughts together on the subject.  Like, it may have made me physically sick last week!  And when I was finally getting better on Saturday…  BAM!  Let’s talk about how those racist white guys want to ruin things for everyone, also: gamergate!

*:This is seriously one of the most disgusting and trolly articles I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe someone actually sent it to me as though it would somehow make me think anything other than “Wow, the person who wrote this is a disgusting shithead”.  Have I seen some stuff that Ted Beale has posted in places that I’m like “wow, that’s kind of gross and inappropriate”?  Sure.  Does John Wright come off as a hardass sometimes in his comments section?  Who doesn’t!?  But if you’re seriously trying to convince someone that someone is bad and you shouldn’t like them, if you’re going to resort to cheap tricks like ‘Cop homicide, Book Bannings, Republican Candidates… We’re not saying Vox Day is directly responsible for Ferguson, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?’ seriously, fuck you in your stupid fucking face.

Added because I needed something to laugh about this morning:


3 responses to “If I Didn’t Know Better, I’d Think I Was Being Trolled

  1. Yeesh, that link. The more I learn about the controversy, it seems like there is a legitimate desire on the part of some writers and fans to recognize what they consider fine sci-fi, and the slate the “Sad puppies” put forward is mostly based on merit rather than ideology, but some of the supporters of the sad puppy slate and critics of past Hugo award winners are coming from a place of “F the SJWs who ruined sci-fi”. They are loud and obnoxious enough to draw attention and create the narrative that this is about rightwing backlash. It doesn’t help that Mr. Corriea’s response to GRR Martin sounded like sour grapes about not getting nominated in the past. The rhetoric has gotten so extreme on both sides.
    Hindsight being 20/20, it would have been a lot different if the “Sad Puppies” just said “hey we think the following writers really deserve recognition, please register to vote in the Hugos” rather than adding the political rhetoric. I for one tend to balk when people talk about “SJWs” and “GamerGaters” as if those are actually identifiable groups…it looks more and more like convenient label to dismiss a whole raft of concerns. (As someone who identifies with the GG thing, I think you object to the mischaracterizations and broad-brushing of GGers … do you see an analogous situation with people using ‘SJW’ as a label? The linked blog seems to self-identify as a SJW but obviously does not speak for everyone smeared with that tag, right?)

    • Personally, for the most part, I have tried to avoid the “SJW” label.

      It’s sort of like how everyone in Gamergate is equated with Ralph from the Ralph Retort (who seems genuinely scummy), everyone in the Sad Puppies (despite having actively tried to dissociate themselves with him) is equated with Beale.

      Even Brad Torgerson’s last post on the matter is all “Stop giving Beale attention; yeah, the guy is an asshole, and he’s thriving on the negative attention everyone is giving him. I could condemn Beale all day every day, but it wouldn’t be enough.”

      I think it stems from a limitation in our writing traditions that we find it easier to use a generalized term to encompass as large a group as we are trying to describe rather than calling out all individuals with whom we disagree.

      When a few Gamergate supporters act like jackasses, it’s easier to say “those Gamergate jackasses…” Same with journalists, politicians, self-proclaimed SJWs, so on and so forth. Such generalization can only work, however, in a culture where those who stand up and point out “Not all ______” aren’t immediately shat on and told “Yes, you are”. People need to be able to step back from their generalizations, not feel compelled to become entrenched in them.

      ::sorry for the rambling reply, I’m still kind of half asleep::

    • Also, the thing that irks me is that we’d had the discussion earlier in the week and agreed not to discuss it further, but then I get put on the spot in the Book Club meeting where I’m literally asked to give the counterpoint side and THEN I find this link a couple days later in my inbox.

      While I tend to hold my convictions about things fairly strongly, I don’t go out of my way to start arguments much less continue them with folks, especially on touchy subjects of religion & politics and now, apparently, Gaming and Science Fiction.

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