Dave Pakman 0-2 today

First he does an interview with Vox Day and rather than ask anything about gamergate, his work as a game dev, his time in a band, his work as a publisher, as a writer, as one of the forces behind this year’s Hugo Awards upset, Dave goes after some cherry-picked controversial statements.  I thought Vox did a decent job of clarifying his positions, and I’ll admit, I’ve moved from “I don’t know anything about Vox Day, but based on what everyone is saying about him he seems like a shithead” to “I think I’m okay with Vox Day!”  Anyway, Dave Pakman throws it up with a gamergate hashtag and basically calls Vox Day a rapist.


Later he has an interview with Christina Hoff Sommers and then frames it as “#GamerGate: Christina Hoff Sommers Talks ‘Hardline’ Feminism, Disagrees with MRA Karen Straughan”, even including, after his paraphrasing (which thoroughly mischaracterized Karen’s point re:Women’s Suffrage movement), the full clip of Karen Straughan speaking with Cenk Uyger.

christina david


I doubt his interview with Liana K will be any better, but I’ll probably watch it because I like Liana K.

Sidenote/update: This guy gets it.


2 responses to “Dave Pakman 0-2 today

  1. He struck me as relatively fair (for a journalist) back when Gamergate was breaking news. The fact that he could ask Chu and Wu relatively neutral questions that made them crack up impressed me. But he’s really embarrassed himself this past week. His credibility is gone in my opinion.

    • Yeah. It’s funny seeing the people think that it’s part of a conspiracy to discredit gamergate, when Ockham’s razor suggests that maybe it’s just that he’s a clickbait hack. Personally, even during his “good” interviews, I found him to be kind of obnoxious, like he was perpetually auditioning for a spot at MSNBC.

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