Just a word of advice to potential Hugo Winners

Before accepting your award, look up and make sure there’s not a bucket of pig blood waiting to be dumped on you.



5 responses to “Just a word of advice to potential Hugo Winners

  1. It’s the mc from The Hunger Games:

    The nominees are the stars of the evening and deserve the full respect of everyone at the ceremony. If there are people lined up to spit on them the moment it comes to a close, well… there’s only so much Vonda N. McIntyre can do. [laughter] And those of you on certain “slates” that fail to decline the award… well, I’m not going to come right out and tell you the exact nature of any sort of blacklisting you can expect to see after this… but if your Amazon ratings take a dive over the next few months, don’t ask me about that! [laughter] But seriously folks, these are standard bearers of excellence here, all the way. I love these people! Oh sure. Tempers flare occasionally. What’s a little demagoguery between friends, anyway? [laughter] It’s not like we’re going to be burning anyone in effigy during the ceremony. We’ll be doing that both before and after, so don’t miss it! [laughter]

    • In other news, I like how Vox’s position on the absurdity of required formal written/verbal consent got turned into “Vox Day admits to sex with women without consent”. David Pakman has since retitled his video “”Vox Day Says Some Races Smarter Than Others”, y’know, to be less inflammatory.

      • I know! I wish I could get a better look at some of those titles. A lot of them look just vaguely familiar, but I can’t really say for sure.

      • Well, that was a strange and awkward 46 minutes… I really would’ve liked to hear more about his work as a game dev, or in an industrial band, or, y’know, the Hugos.

        Interesting that he brought up tone policing in gamergate, though, especially now that he’s under a deluge of shit being dumped on him by GG people who’ve never heard of him. He sounded perfectly reasonable about most of his views.

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