Vox Day Xanatos Gambit Update

Before, Vox Day’s opponents were spending a lot of effort to convince me that Vox Day was evil genius mastermind.  Today, Vox Day confirms they were right.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Fan Writers Category (expect some shilling), posting a partial review of the BFRPG module Zombraire’s Estate (Shadow Over Alfheim), and more Short Reviews.

I don’t know if I’ll really review Red Dragon Inn, but I will go ahead and say “I love this game, I want it and I want all of the decks and I wish it wouldn’t cost me close to $200 to get all of the decks.”

It’ll be a little while longer before I can continue my Bar-Lev series; I got my dad Ogre as an early birthday present, and we played it 4 times, leaving no time to set up another round of Bar-Lev.  He said it was the coolest new board game he’d played in years.  Considering his tastes in board games, that’s saying something.  The only thing that’s a surprise to me was that he’d somehow missed it in the first place.

2 responses to “Vox Day Xanatos Gambit Update

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Red Dragon Inn. I was rather surprised by it myself. Also, I’m not willing to shill out the $200 for all the decks, and it’s stood up pretty well with just the four we started with — it’s unpredictable enough with the decks, players, and drinks, I think, to maintain its novelty-with-a-touch-of-strategy.


    • I just really appreciate how they manage to make all of the decks have little quirky character based nuances and still have a balanced game. Plus, playing with more than 4 people made the gambling really interesting. Reminded me a bit of my college days of playing poker with 8-10 people: huge pots (even with chump-change buyins) any you never know what’s going to happen.

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