I Need Module Recommendations

I may be DMing for a Summer Reading Program at a Library; I’d like to run a classic module, and I’m looking for suggestions.

I’m leaning towards Tower of Zenopus, but I don’t know if I can get 4 weeks out it, since I don’t know how long the sessions will be.  I’m under the impression that the groups will be middle-to-highschool age, though with a possibility of adults in the mix.  I don’t particularly want to deal with Keep on the Borderlands, because for all I know it could turn into a messed up history lesson on native plight and moral relativism that I don’t feel like making my introduction to the world of semi-professional DMing.  I like Into the Unknown, but there’s not the same “climax” to it as saving Tiger Lily (or whatever she’s called in Holmes) from the Pirates.

6 responses to “I Need Module Recommendations

  1. B2 is still the best. If you want a challenge and something significant to happen within a short amount of play. I know it’s tough it roll with it, but can’t think of anything better. (That’s my opinion after running Stonehell, B3, B2, X1, G1, and then Dwimmermount.)

    • I just found out that it will be 4 1-1.5 hours sessions. That makes me lean towards Tower of Zenopus just as a matter of scope. Though I might stick the Caves of Chaos underneath as a bonus dungeon. The upside of B2 would be I wouldn’t have to do any real story-work; downside is converting all of the entries into stuff I can read and use on the fly. For Zenopus, I’d need to figure out a way to work the ‘box text’ into usable hooks. Holmes writes some great background stuff, but it’ll never come out unless you set it up just right.

      I’ll give B2 another look and see which I’d have an easier time building something around on short notice. “Welcome to D&D, kids. Get ready for some pain.”

      • The only way I could make that work with B2 would be to have a pile of computer generated characters to keep handing out. Skip chargen, skip town… start ’em at the Caves and go. If they fail fast, you might could get multiple sorties in a single 1.5 hour session. Just guessing….

      • Skipping Char Gen is one of the reasons why I crossed X1 off my list; it would’ve meant pre-gen character (meh) or rolling up and figuring out mid-level characters (arg).

        since this is supposed to be about teaching kids to play RPGs, I feel like character creation is an integral part that I wouldn’t want to skip out on in favor of trying to get the show on the road right away. I mean, it’s B/X, after all!

        Since it’s part of a summer reading program, maybe I can get a stack of A Maze of Peril to hand out to the kids when it’s all said and done.

      • To incorporate chargen (which I totally do in all my con games), strip it down to roll 3d6 in order, choose class, roll hit points, pick alignment, pick spell, and take one of these standard adventuring packs along with this default equipment selections for each class. I think that could work. If someone dies and immediately rerolls a character, you know it’s working!

      • Yeah, I was planning on using the 1st level starting equipment packs that Zenopus Archives came up with. My players loved them in my Alfheim game, and I’ve found that they tend to lead to some creative mix-ups with combat packages (as opposed to sword guy who always swords).

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