Cleaning House & Tidying Up

Regular readers might have noticed some new stuff up at the top of the page.

Since Cirsova’s scope has increased significantly over the last year or so, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to make stuff a bit easier for folks to find. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll be adding stuff as I go, but the basic plan is to make my content more accessible.

So far I’ve only had a chance to flag the series of “Short Reviews” I’m doing to place in this category. I plan on keeping the “Short Reviews” an ongoing series on the site for the foreseeable future. I’m almost finished with reviewing everything in June 77 issue, have two more issues and a hardbound anthology that I intend on going through. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to stop reading sci-fi and fantasy short fiction once I go through those. Contrary, I’m probably going to end up dropping some coin on other back issues of MoFaSF if I can find them cheaply enough.

I’ve only recently started doing serious product reviews outside of posting play-log and occasionally geeking out in random posts about some new game I just played that I’ve fallen in love with (like Splendor! It’s amazing! There, that’s my review.), but it’s something I plan on continuing with. So far, PROJECT and Kagai! are the main two I can think of that fall into this category, but I’ve got my eyes set on a few others that I want to take a crack at.

I might also set up something specifically for video games. If any of my old rants on Tower Defense games and stuff seem worthy, i might bag & tag them for inclusion.

Game Design:
I do or have done a lot of half-baked game design related stuff which i may catalog better for easy reference. Like my Tower Defense scenario for BFRPG’s Morgansfort. Or that time I went crazy and fed the numbers from Keep on the Borderlands into Mentzer’s crappy War Machine engine.

Encyclopedia Entries:
Wow, remember when Cirsova was an Encyclopedia of the Cirsovan Empire? I sure don’t! But maybe I’ll remind myself now and then by moving the old stuff into its own menu heading so that it won’t be clogging up the sidebar.

Anyway, it’s going to be a slow process but hopefully within a month or so, Cirsova will be easier to Navigate.

2 responses to “Cleaning House & Tidying Up

    • I may revisit Cirsova as a setting at some point, but I feel like I need to get out of my comfort zone as a writer a bit first. The biggest problem I was having in trying to follow up City was I realized I was just incapable of writing a dashing heroic lead (or was at least really struggling with it in the context of the story I wanted to tell vs the story I ended up telling). So, this Abraham Strongjohn stuff has pushed me out of my normal comfort zone and will hopefully let me include a bit more diverse bunch of characters in my writing.

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