The Evil Package

I’m trying to get into the Hugo nomination packet, but I’m having trouble mostly because I have a hard time reading lengthy stuff on a screen. It wears me out and I lose my concentration after a few pages. But at least I can open pdfs.

I’ve only started to poke around in the packet, and I want to try to tackle the categories that I have the physical patience for reading on a computer (short fiction, and I might take a look at the Graphic arts stuff). I’m liking A Single Samurai better than I thought I would, and when I finish it, I might do a brief reassessment of the Short fic finalists.

Depending on how long the novelettes and novellas are, I might print off copies. If the packet is digital only, I’m probably not going to have time to get to the Novels, and though it’s implicitly acceptable to judge the Novels from just a portion of them, I don’t really think it gives one a fair assessment.


Coming soon, another Bar-Lev post!

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