Bar-Lev Take 2 Continued

Did not get to make much progress last week; we only got 1 turn knocked out. While my air strategy may be paying off slightly, the ground war is going poorly on the Syrian front.

I’ve managed to leave a few thorns in the Egyptian’s side in the north, and a solid pocket of troops are still holding up around El Shatt which can screen for my artillery. The problem I’m facing now is that the Arab artillery is going to be shelling all of those guys from the west bank of the Suez while the armored units start to bring the hammer down from the North. There’s a chance that they can force me to spread thin to cover the supply roads east into the Sinai. They’re still open, but I’ve surrendered my northern and central reinforcement routes to try to keep a consolidated force.

Things are much worse in the Golan Heights. My small armored contingent that came up from the south was beaten up pretty badly and the Syrians have locked up both that southern and my northern routes. I’ve created a little pocket in the center, but I don’t know how it’ll hold up against all of those Syrian tanks. Again, I’m critical of the lack of tactical depth in the Syrian theatre; being pressed up against the western edge of the map from the very beginning of the scenario makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the Israelis to take advantage of the fact that they had a sizable force just off map that came in and turned things around.

Here’s a great video that helps explain why I’m probably going to lose!

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