Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)

I’m still not convinced that Progressivism isn’t just a giant troll to make sane people snap and start smashing heads with baseball bats so that Progressives can point and say “See, we told you so!”

(because links to Thought Catalog get broken on reshares because of some coding issue on their end, the complete article is here:

6 responses to “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)

    • It’s hard to say! I mean, just today I read a post about names that mentioned that Emily is one of the most common white names, and “Goldstein” is while a real name, a very stereotypically jewish name, so it could either be a “real” person or someone who is posting as White-girl Jewstein. In this world, who knows? Given that I’ve been sent honest to god posts by actual humans who compared the sad puppies to the holocaust (“there’s no future in being a silent German when the socialists, radicals and non-pure Germans are being marched into cattle cars”; never mind that it was the socialist radicals rounding the non-pure Germans up…), I’d be willing to say that there’s at least a 75% chance that this is actually a person writing what they believe. Doesn’t mean it’s not part of a giant cultural meta-troll, just means that this person might not be pretending.

    • Yeah, Thought Catalogue is a weird wordpress based wannabe Cracked. It got flagged and removed as hate speech, but troll or not, it did have to get approved by someone who ran the site. And it was only slightly more whacko than some of the stuff that WordPress chooses to Freshly Press, so it’s hard to say. It did manage to bring a bunch of anti-jewish crazy (“jews are just pretending to be white so they can destroy white folks!”), though, so it that was the point of the troll, it did a good job on that.

    • Actually, it’s still up (if you actually wanted to read it) from that second link I added. TC’s reshare feature is broke because it nulls the author sub-directory and breaks URLs.

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