Everyone is Talking About Month Old Crazy

So according to Irene Gallo, Creative Director of Tor Books, we’re all extreme right-wing Neo-Nazis.  We are unrepentantly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic. Worst of all, we’re very tangentially related to Gamergate.  I use “we” loosely, in sort of an “I am Spartacus!” sense, because while I don’t personally identify* as a Sad or Rabid Puppy, I’ve been lumped in with them before, and I’d happily stand up against non-sense like this alongside them.

What’s odd to me is that this post has been up for a month, and we’re just now starting to see the outrage on it.  Like, everyone is suddenly talking about Gallo spouting this non-sense off now (and by now, I mean saturday).  It’s everywhere in my feeds.  Did someone just notice this a few days ago?  Some folks (who are normally more on top of this sort of thing than I am) seem to just be finding out about it.  I’m kind of wondering why it’s just now that this has become a big story.  And yeah, I’m contributing to the flash cycle by even talking about it.  I’m not outraged, though it is outrageous.  Call me bemused.

A few people have said that they would boycott Tor if they’d actually ever bought anything published by them in the last decade. Unlike a lot of popular boycotts we see these days, the aggrieved party is at least admitting that they didn’t support whatever entity it was doing the aggrieving. So it’s not really a boycott so much as it is people saying “Well, I’m glad I haven’t been supporting Tor for years and I don’t expect to support them for years to come.”

Some people are calling for her to be fired. There’s not really a lot of point in that, because, well… see that first point. It would be like calling for a white nationalist**  publication to fire its creative director because they posted on facebook about how awful jews were; the company’s stance is that jews are awful and the people who buy stuff from and support the company agree that jews are awful, so no heads are gonna roll for a facebook post saying jews are awful. Tor and prominent members of its team hold the position is that the Puppies are extreme right-wing Neo-Nazis and they seem to cater to an audience that agrees with that position, so yeah, no one is going to lose their job, bad PR or no.  Unfortunately, since Tor is nominally a sci-fi and fantasy publisher and doesn’t run out of a closet in the back of some San Francisco Communist Bookstore, there are a lot of writers who could be potentially hurt by this who might not necessarily agree with or want to associate themselves with Gallo’s venom.

Anyway, I’ll have an actual Hugo review up later of Ms. Marvel.  My review of Ms. Marvel vol 1 is up here.

*I have, however, referred to myself in the past as a partisan on the matter, particularly following the EW libel.

**Since Gallo played that card first, I consider Spades to be broken.


2 responses to “Everyone is Talking About Month Old Crazy

  1. My theory is that sinister forces will do everything in their power to stop me from staging a Love In at File770.

    Well… they don’t scare me!

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