Just thinking last night

…that Cream is pretty evocative in a way that’s reminiscent of the best stuff in pulp SF&F.

I’ve got a pretty wide age range of folks, teen-agers to some folks a good 15-20 years older than me, signed up for my run on the Tower of Zenopus.  I’m glad I didn’t go with Keep on the Borderlands, cuz another guy is running a Pathfinder conversion of it.  I wish I had time to play in the guy who’s running a CoC game’s group, but I’m stretched a little thin.  I’m stoked and thinking of ways to expand the ghoul tunnels.

5 responses to “Just thinking last night

      • Hey, no problem. I’m not going to complain if someone’s sticking up for a friend of theirs. Hope you didn’t feel like I hung you out to dry– I really wanted to see how the exchange played out.

        Dude’s published a mess of books, though. I guess I should be flattered…!

      • Nah, it’s fine. I like how he jumps straight to calling me a liar. Because no, of course I haven’t seen months of people calling Sad Puppies or anyone related to them neo-Nazis, facists & what-not, discounting Gallo’s comments entirely. Of course I didn’t almost lose a friend because he kept pressing the point, going so far as to send me links to hyperbolic trash that literally compared the Hugos to the Holocaust. Much like Henry Rollins, I am a Liar.

        But if it’s flattery you want, one of the reasons I’ve been pretty gung-ho about this whole debacle is that I think you’re a cool guy whom I’m glad to be friends with, even if just on the intertubes.

        And hey, a kinda famous dude thought it was worth spending 20 minutes writing several hundred words pointing out what a Liar I was!

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