Dragons, Dragons and Publishing

I want to see a highly insensitive turn-based economic-military strategy game based on The Dragon Masters.

Vance provides us with a handy value conversion via an exchange between one of the villains and a Jabba the Hutt-like* character upon which we can base the military economy of Happy Valley: 25 choice children are worth 3 dragons. It’s a little wobbly, as the trader doesn’t seem to take the evil lord of Happy Valley up on the offer, but it’s enough to give us an idea of how resources and commodities might work on Aerlith.

You’d need warrens & tunnels to crowd your people in, farms to feed your people and your dragons, breeders and trainers to fill your dragon army ranks and make them effective, and a surplus of women and children to trade for additional dragons and sundry magic items. Or something.

Speaking of dragons, I’m one big dragon-fight and a conclusion away from finishing the first draft of the short story I’ve been working on.

As for my other stuff, having the Cirsova book up on DriveThru was a bust, so I’ve gone back to Amazon exclusivity. At least there I could give my stuff away for free and it would get some downloads.

*The one from the original script and comics, not the slug muppet from the 3rd movie.

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