Tower of Zenopus Pt 3: Sopor Aeternus

At 1st level, it’s not about having a balanced party. It’s about having Sleep, goddamnit! And have it they did: we were back up to 4 party members yesterday, the fighter and magic user who missed last time and thus survived and the new fighter and dwarf that the players who died rolled up. There was a little bit of worrying about the balance of a party with 3 fighters and a mage, but those fears were allayed during the revenge trip to the dungeon.

After some discussion about how to reach the caves, it was determined that they weren’t going to be able to buy a skiff with the money they had, certainly couldn’t hire anyone to safely guide them through the rocks, and wouldn’t be able to reach the caves without being noticed by the pirate tub anchored about a half mile out. So through the tunnels it would be!

They went straight forward toward to the goblin barracks and managed to get the drop on nearly a dozen greenskins hanging around chatting and playing cards (gambling with the very electrum that they had pilfered from the TPKed group). The fighters ineffectually whizzed a few arrows across the large room. A couple of the goblins made to run off to the south through the puzzle room, the goblins playing cards rose to attack (except for the one who grabbed a stack of electrum and ran west). One of the attacking goblins caught an arrow in the neck, but that was chump change. The magic user got Sleep off for 12 hit dice, immediately zonking the remaining 10 goblins, including those trying to flee.

What followed was a blood bath as the party butchered all goblins but one whom they tied up. The room was looted and the party let out a great hurrah that they were no longer two days from being kicked out of their rooms at the inn. The remaining goblin was forced to lead them to the sea cliffs. Of course the goblin knew the straight shot to the caves was through a spider’s lair, and he wanted a decent chance of getting out alive. So, he led them to where the Thaumaturge was hanging out and tried to make a break for it. The goblin’s cry was enough to let the Thaumaturge get a spell off before the start of combat (Protection from Good), but the goblin didn’t manage to break free. The goblin got one of the MU’s daggers in the back of the neck.

Rollo the pirate didn’t do much besides keep the party distracted long enough for Alain the Thaumaturge to charm one of the fighters. The charmed fighter was all “Oh, hey, wait, no, it’s cool, this is the guy we were supposed to talk to!” and managed to buy Alain time to get back to his tower. He’ll be mad when he finds out that he dropped his scroll of levitation.

There’s one more Library-sanctioned session left, though the group has expressed a desire to keep going in another venue. I’m pretty pleased by this, given the disarray my Alfheim group is in, but at the same time, if they save Lemunda from the Pirates next time, I’d be happy with that conclusion.

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