Civil War pt5

I’ve just had too damn much content this week to talk about the Civil War game I’m in the middle of. Won’t be a problem next week, as my Dad & I didn’t have a chance to play, but I will have some extra time to consider my strategies.

Not much is happening in the far west; the Texas and New Mexico militias have gone home and can never come back (SPs can only be placed on victory point cities, of which there are none that far west), but we’ve both got 1 Injun point each, with two Texas forts burned down and two New Mexico forts burned down. If we get any more really long turns, my Mexican banditos might ineffectually ride around central New Mexico firing guns in the air and letting everyone know they’re coming, but my most productive strategy in that theatre will be to call up some Texas Rangers and make sure as many Injun tribes are on my side as I can.

The TransMississippi isn’t quite to Kirby Smithdom yet, but it’s looking like a real possibility if things aren’t shorn up quick in Mississippi. I’m suffering in this theatre from a lack of generalship; there’s no one with enough stars to form the Army of the West, so my main hope is that I keep my dad busy enough in Tennessee and Maryland that Arkansas won’t seem worth it.

Things are interesting in the West: AS Johnston had been holding his own fairly well against Grant and Lyon along the Cumberland, but I desperately needed army-level flexibility and leadership to keep things that way. So Stone-wall Jackson took the paperwork and the command staff of the Army of Mississippi up to Memphis by rail and left a fairly sizable force behind in the Swamp Fortress outside of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the Army of the Cumberland managed to amass enough forces by sea in New Orleans and gather enough ironclads to shell the place to pieces. Now maybe a thousand starving guys in the swamp are all that stand between the Union Marine invasion force and Vicksburg. My only consolation is that I’ve been able to do the rope-a-dope on the Army of the Tennessee; my dad made the mistake of splitting the army, leaving a fairly strong force behind with Lyon north of the Cumberland, so he could try to earn some promotions for his top leaders with probing attacks. His problem was that I’d dug in so deep around Nashville and had such great leaders that any attack was bound to end up in my favor. By pouring everything I had into pursuing and pummeling Grant, I was able to drive him halfway back to Cairo and nearly crush the Army of the Tennessee. I’d worn it down to a 6, which forced my dad to mobilize damn near every Yankee west of the Shenandoah to try to bolster the force back up. Once Stonewall Jackson can take control of the garrisons left along the river near Nashville to keep central Tennessee safe, Johnston won’t have to worry about his supply line, either. Everything’ll be hunky dory until Johnston finds himself between the Army of the Tennessee near Cairo and the Army of the Cumberland coming up through Memphis.

I finally decided it was time to force some distractions in the East, having put down the worst of the raiders in North Carolina. I’m still in trouble because the Union has free range of the coasts, but if I can bog my dad down around the Potomac, his command points will be too tied up in dealing with Jo Johnston and his outriders to continue an invasion of the Carolinas by sea. Johnston’s ventured around the Potomac into Pennsylvania and sent off a small command to take Harrisburg as bait. If McDowell tries to do anything about regiments that were sent to take Harrisburg, even though those forces will be completely overrun, he’ll leave a path wide open for Johnston to march straight from Chambersburg into Washington DC. As long as I can force McDowell to run around chasing brigadier generals around Pennsylvania, I’ll be in good shape.

We’ve been at this for about for just shy of a month now, and are at the half-way point for the game.  I’m really hoping that my Dad will win one, since, not counting the few games of Ogre we played, our latest streak has been 3-0 for me, but the opportunity to march into DC with the Army of Northern Virginia is just too much to pass up.

Anyway, tonight I play Dungeon Crawl Classics for the first time! My friend who is running his wild and woolly urban dungeon crawl has opted to use a different system so he doesn’t have to offer an apologia to new players re:LotFP’s art.

Short Reviews will resume next week.

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