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The Word of Stelios (formerly of d20 Dark Ages) has just posted a lengthy exhortation of Dungeon Crawl Classics that’s certainly worth checking out (and would’ve been even if he didn’t give me a shout out).

He does a much better job upselling than I do, in part because he’s probably got more experience playing and running this game and so has a better understanding of the mechanics behind it, and has clued me into some useful tidbits that I can use the next time we actually get together and play.

I’d been weighing in my mind whether Elyse would make more sense as a Thief or a Hobbit that I roleplayed as a thief.  She IS undeniably lucky (even if not in the stat-sense), but if DCC actually gives class abilities that are actual, y’know, ABILITIES, Thief could definitely be the way to go with her.

I’m a bit leery of dice whose sides are prime numbers, but I just might have to get some, because I may have fallen in love with this system.

2 responses to “More DCC

    • Don’t know yet, since we haven’t started level 1 play. But thieves and halflings get back their burned luck (which adds an extra die, usually 1d3 at start, to a roll) at one point per day. Other characters earn it back at DM’s discretion (probably one per adventure makes sense). It reminds me a little bit of burning will-power in White Wolf games. We’ll see how it turns out.

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