The Cancer of White Guilt

Every so often, I make the mistake of looking at WordPress’s Freshly Pressed list.

For every genuinely interesting article, there are usually 2 or 3 that is a “Person of Color” shaming white people or a some white person being ashamed of being white. The new trend seems to be white looking non-white white people being ashamed of being/looking white.

White guilt is so cancerous that it’s spreading to non-white people! Feel bad because you kind of look like someone who did or said a bad thing! Fun fact, White Folks From HistoryTM tend to get the worst blame for stuff that Spaniards actually did. And last time I checked the Progressive Stack, we’re considered brown people.

So stop feeling bad on account of other people, make something of your life, and be happy. White guilt is like the original sin, only there’s no progressive Jesus to wash it away; blog posts on privilege are like calves, goats and sheep on the altar: they’ll never be enough.

Dear white and non-white people worried about your white privilege: get over yourselves. Privilege is people whining about privilege constantly making the Freshly Pressed list. Having a giant platform and the freedom to whine isn’t going to make you look any more sympathetic to anyone who is genuinely unprivileged.

If it’ll make you feel better, though, your friends can pay me to hire local homeless people in your area to shuffle toward you, take your hand and tell you “I forgive you for looking white” that you might be bought a moment of absolution.  It could turn into quite the non-profit cottage industry.  Or you can just take Walter Williams up on his offer and print yourself out one of these.

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