Future Plans

I said I’d be talking about some upcoming plans for Cirsova. Well, here’s what I’ve got:

Cirsova Master Plan –

1. Sell At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen to a SF/F rag.

2. Use the money to start a Sword & Planet/Science Fantasy rag of my own.

3. If step 1 fails: Gather materials to start a Sword & Planet/Science Fantasy rag of my own to publish At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen.

First and foremost, I’ll be doing a bit of polish on AtFoNQ and getting that ready for submission/publication, but I’ll also have time to start working again on Battlefields & Broadswords. No timetable on that, but it’s back on my plate.

I’ve crunched a few numbers and, if i needed to run a kickstarter, I know about how much I’d need to raise to put out a decent quality pulp.

The real hard part? Actually finding content.

More than anything, I want to focus on:

1: Sword & Planet/Planet Romance Fiction
2: Science Fantasy Fiction
3: Commentary on Sword & Planet & Science Fantasy Fiction
4: Game Theory/Content relating to Sword & Planet/Planet Romance Fiction
5: Other Sci-fi/Fantasy content so long as it is sufficiently awesome.

It may be a few months, or it may be in a year, but I will probably start laying some actual ground work putting together a zine. Yeah, I intend to pay writers for content (and therefore get better content), but I’ll be limited in the first go-round, especially since I want to have everything paid-for and ready to go except for print costs & ad placements.

If I do kickstart, there won’t be fancy gee-gaws, minis, stretch-goals or anything like that. The less I promise beyond delivering a quality publication, the better the chance I have of delivering on that promise. On the off chance the mag is a success, things will be made bigger and better (and hopefully pay better) in the future.

As an aside, since I mentioned crowdfunding, I thought this was a worthwhile video to share:

2 responses to “Future Plans

  1. Thanks for the vid at the end…I really hope people view that. Crowdfunding is an investment, not a pre-order. I agree that if you kickstart your project, less is more. Focus on the book and not all the silly figurines and super double limited edition, one in a million, once in a lifetime, extra backpack that has your logo on it in gold and diamond dust. Best of luck to you.

    Oh, you forgot step 4 of the Cirsova master plan TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Mwha ha ha!!! Looking forward to the new book.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think that one of the reasons people take issue with Kickstarter and don’t quite get it is that it IS an investment, because most people think of investment as a return on capital in the form of more capital or shares rather than a product. Walmart doesn’t pay dividends in discount goods, but businesses funded by kickstarters do.

      Kickstarter has positioned itself in a way that investment is in the creation of a product rather than in a sustainable entity that can continue making products (and those that have use it entirely as a pre-order system, such as Reaper Minis).

      But anyway, yeah, the plan is to stay out of the weeds; no secret forums, no pretend board members, hopefully just enough money to make sure everyone gets what they thought they were putting money into on time, lest I end up on Erik Tenkar’s Failed Kickstarter Roundups.

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