The Dungeons & Dragons Movie (and Why the “Rights” Dispute is Stupid)

Well, here it is. They finally got stuff straightened out so that instead of spending resources on putting together an original Fantasy film entry, they can sink a few million into something that’s not going to make anyone happy, just so Hasbro can get the rights back. Oh, great, it’ll be Forgotten Realms, one of the stalest and slimiest of pink slime fantasy settings. At least it’ll give folks something to bitch and moan about besides 5e for awhile.

Meanwhile, my original opinion on the matter stands.


Why is it significant that there are now talks about Warner Brothers making a Dungeons & Dragons movie? And now Hasbro is claiming that they have a deal with Universal.

First, I’d like to put forward the incredibly heathen idea that the first Dungeons & Dragons movie is not as terrible as most people say it was. When I saw it in theaters ages ago, it was just me, my mom (I was 16), and some fatbeard. While it was not remarkable or amazing, it was fairly entertaining, I enjoyed it well enough. After the movie, the fatbeard went on about how horrible it was and how they got everything from D&D wrong and such. Now, given further retrospect, I know one thing to be true and another highly likely to be true: Dungeons & Dragons was one of the better movies Marlon Wayans has been in and…

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2 responses to “The Dungeons & Dragons Movie (and Why the “Rights” Dispute is Stupid)

  1. I agree that the D&D movie wasn’t terrible. There are blander, sillier, hammier movies (fantasy or otherwise), and I’d watch the D&D movie again before any of the recent JF/YA movie franchises: Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades, Percy Jackson. Actually, I hate Percy Jackson for what it did to Greek Mythology, so…

    You know, after having seen the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies as many times as I have, I’d sooner watch the D&D movie than any of the above. I originally saw D&D before I played it, and I still don’t know what most of the objections to the film were about. So a monster was different? So a spell was different?


    Admittedly, I might watch the Riddick films before… nope. I’d still probably watch the D&D movie first. Maybe ’cause I haven’t burned out on it.

    I realize that I might eventually come to hate it if I re-watched it enough times, but I seriously don’t think I’m in any danger of doing that. I would watch the D&D movie before roughly half the Pixar movies, besides. Sometimes I just can’t take the emotional rollercoaster and I want something “fun.”


    • I’d never defend it, but I actually kinda enjoyed the first Percy Jackson flick >_>

      One of the worst things about the D&D movie that you’d never know unless you saw it on DVD is that instead of cutting out throwaway scenes, all of the deleted scenes were actually HIGHLY PLOT RELEVANT, wherein motives and macguffins were explained. But it was pretty funny watching the main guy talk to a paper cut-out of a lich that never got CGed in post.

      I also agree with the person who said that D&D movie would’ve been perfect if it had ended with everyone sitting around a game table and the thief getting a snack in the kitchen, complaining how his character got killed. “Ain’t you got Resurrections in your setting?”

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