Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, Issue 16

Hey! I got my question answered over at Otherwhere Gazette! They managed to dig up a couple articles on Cigarette advertising in paperbacks. Not quite the smoking gun (rimshot) that, say, a memo to SF writers to that their spacemen should switch to menthols or something would be, but it’s a place to start!

Otherwhere Gazette

Welcome to Ask A Geek Anything, Issue 16


This Sweet Sixteen episode is brought to you by a glitch in the Universal Prognosticator’s predictive formula. We were trying for the most entertaining possible combination of topics… and got this instead.  Fortunately, we will answer anything that won’t crush grain elevators in Gainesville.   There are clouds of confusion on smoking and its influence on SF and Fantasy, brought to you by Cirsova-  


Lately I’ve been collecting a lot of old sci-fi pulps and paperbacks, and have found a lot of great stuff crammed with shmancy cigarette ads (particularly Kent in MoF&SF and various Ace paperbacks); while I can chalk up spacemen smoking cigarettes to the fact that everyone smoked cigarettes back in 40s and 50s, I’ve begun to wonder how much influence tobacco had on the SF/F publishing industry; casual observation suggests they might have been bankrolling the…

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