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Articles on the SPJ Gamergate Airplay Bomb-threat justify SPJ Gamergate Airplay.

“Bomb threats closed down a debate on the controversial topic of women’s representation in video games at a Society of Professional Journalists event in Miami on Saturday.” – Rise Miami News

(Also, Gamergate is one word, guys.)

So, Gamergate had its day, Koretzky Koretzkyed, and the thing ended with the bomb threat which we feared but all knew might happen. Fortunately, the event was NOT totally shut down, and some of our voices were heard. I say some, of course, because not only did several people that we would have loved to hear speak dropped out, either for personal reasons or because they were so offput and alienated by Koretzky that they refused to go, but even if everyone had gone, there’s no way that everyone would hear their concerns voiced.

I’m sure that anyone who cares about this story has already seen Milo & Christina’s remarks, but here are the links anyway.



What struck me was Ren, one of the journalists on the panel who were all “Derp why are you concerned about ethics & Gawker? We all know Gawker’s unethical, lolz! It’s readers fault for not knowing Gawker is Gawker.” Seriously? Journalistic victim blaming. Dude who stood up and said Gawker destroys lives? Kudos to him! Totally sent Ren all “Well, I’m not saying blah blah, i’ll shut up now…”

If more Journalists were like Lynn Walsh, there would not have been a Gamergate. To paraphrase, she said ‘If someone was involved in some way with a story, I would not even let them touch the story: writing, notes, meetings, anything. And to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, because there might be ‘shop talk’ going on, I would note in the story that an employee who did not work on the story had ties to the story.’

GG side of the morning panel was super-pro; I just wish they’d been able to talk about more examples than vague generalities that the Journalist panel steered things toward. I didn’t know anything about Mark, but he handled himself really well and I was impressed. I wish Ashe spoke as well as she wrote, but I was happy to have her there because she does know her stuff. One thing that she touched on was journalists in politics being in relationships with politicians, staffers and consultants, but, unlike what Ashe says, it DOES happen in real journalism. To me, the biggest disappointment about gamergate is that it remained so focused on gaming journalism that gamers did not take the next logical steps to say “Not only are the people covering Ubisoft sleeping with the PR heads of Ubisoft, the people covering Washington are sleeping with staffers and political consultants!”

I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all of it, but I hear that Ollie DID end up filling in on the panel after Milo and Christina left following the bomb threat. He looks like Blade.


It’ll take me ages to catch up on all of the post SPJ news, but I’m starting with my two favorite sources combined into one: Veemonro & Sargon did a stream of the whole thing. Check it here.

The next big clusterfuck this month will be Worldcon. No matter what happens, nothing will be fixed, there will still be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the ordeal will go on. Unlike Airplay, I don’t know that there will be as much to celebrate about because of the event’s nature. Sasquan isn’t going to vindicate either side, and follow-up stories will be either “Sexist, racist homophobes sweep Hugos, destroy science fiction!” or “Sexist, racist homophobes defeated in bid to destroy science fiction!”

Update: Kudos to Rise: Miami News for issuing a (rather poor) correct, but especially for offering the opportunity for people who were there to weigh in.  Even if they did manage to give us a really bad example of “Cowboy Bebop at His Computer“.

The following is an opinion piece penned after multiple bomb threats shut down a Miami based discussion on ethics in video game journalism, also known by the shorthand- GamerGate.”

Update 2: God, the second half of SPJ is like a retread of the Fox debate; supposed moderator doing all of the talking. Even Derek Smart called Koretzky out on trying to derail.  Also, the whole “Well, gee, what if we’d talked to one of those e-celebs like Sargon of Akkad for his opinion?” “That would’ve been a great start.”

Update 3: Lynn Walsh is probably going to be Gamergate’s new waifu, at least for the next couple of weeks.

7 responses to “#Gamergate SPJ

  1. Okay, I listened to about fifty minutes of this.

    The neutral journalists look either clueless or evasive. “What’s a troll?” “Well I guess we can never satisfy you then– it’d take YEARS to win y’all over.” The anti-gg side does nothing but throw up smoke screens. “The news sites are done by a bunch of individual people just trying to do their jobs.” “Honest journalists still make mistakes and corrections. Did you know we care about that a lot?” “I can’t believe you’re talking about ethics and Gawker. That’s like talking about box mac and cheese at a gourmet chefs convention.”

    I don’t see any evidence that they’ve listened, grasped the point, or acknowledged anything. They don’t seem to care about the kind of obnoxious narrative they routinely peddle. Maybe it gets better, but I’m not impressed with these people so far.

    And why the four letter words included even in the power point slides? Are these people presenting as professionals? It’s just tacky. At this point… you’re still looking at this and scratching your head as to whether it matters or not? Yeah… keep pushing that line of thought. It smacks of Marie Antoinette style condescension.

    • Ren was pretty useless. Derek not much better. I’ve had this on in the background most of the day. Lynn does say some things that are a bit hopeful, but Ren has been useless throughout.

      Seriously, the best thing that’s come out of this so far is Rise: Miami publishing several articles by attendees.

      Koretzky did a lot to keep the second panel from being as productive as it could’ve been.

      I haven’t really seen any of the slides. The worst part of the whole thing is that Koretzky was so damn insistent on playing the role of MC like this was a rap battle or something. It’s a shame that there wasn’t someone who actually comes across as a professional Journalist like Ashe Schow or Cathy Young who would’ve been willing to organize and moderate this. I love Milo, I love his clown shtick, but you also need people you can take seriously, especially if you want them as a moderator for something. And Koretzky was too damn busy trying to make himself the ringmaster and spent too much time trying to spar with Milo to do his damn job.

      But at like I said, at least some of the stories are getting out there. I can’t be entirely optimistic about this, because the narrative is still out there and it’s hard to battle, and -again- I think gamergate has failed a bit due to the narrowness of its scope, but it’s hard to avoid the “someone tried to blow up ethics” shift the story has taken.

      • So… a dude was accused of rape in a Facebook post. When he explained himself, Kotaku ran a piece raking him over the coals for defending himself. What do you guys think of games journalists running with a “guilty until proven innocent” narrative?


      • Apparently the guy who asked that question was supposed to be one of the backup panelists to replace Ollie when Koretzky said no more panelists. (He was a guest on either Honey Badgers or Dead Gamers, I forget which). GG has a pretty deep bench.

        And man, I’m on the evac portion of the stream now… They were even having people who lived nearby evacuate their homes.

    • Most worthwhile moment of the second panel was the look on Christina Hoff Sommers’ face when Milo had to lean over and explain to her what furries were.

    • Multiple bomb threats! Koretzky was saying 6. One of the cops on scene said 10. The last one they got had enough details, I guess, that they took it seriously.

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