I Never Really Got Into a Lot of These Games

For the reasons that you couldn’t really find them.  So this is awesome news:

How GOG Rescued 13 Forgotten Realms Games From Licensing Hell

One of my all time favorite games, Sword of Aragon, is an old SSI title, and while it’s not a D&D licensed game, it probably delivers one of the best old-school fantasy miniatures + RPG experiences of any game I’ve ever played, so I may have to check out some of these other SSI games.

One of the things I’m remembering about RTS games, having dusted off AoE 2, is how anti-climactic victories are in that genre.  The most intense and exciting portion of nearly any game is the early phase of establishing and protecting a base.  Mid-game might have some action once you start getting interesting advanced units and buildings and have to fend off an enemy foray or five.  But late game, the excitement of delivering the crushing blow just isn’t there; typically, attrition and resource exploitation has taken its toll, and you’ve repeatedly massed a group of top tier cavalry and a few archers to guard siege engines and whittled away at enemy towns.  By the last assault, you realize there’s nothing to not much left, enemy villagers seeking the few resources wander into your defenses to be killed, the last town center goes down much quicker than you anticipated and suddenly hours of grueling effort are over in an instant.  I guess what I hate about RTS is that the S aspect usually comes down to moving one mass of troops to throw at a target, rinse, repeat, until the target goes down.  I just never feel like there’s some great master strategy at work in which I can co-ordinate attacks from various directions and strike a killing blow.  No, it’s pretty much the Persian strategy over and over again.  There’s never any point in your “hero” characters, because most of the time you lose if they die, so they have to stay hidden in a remote corner of your base unless you want hours of effort to go to waste.  I’ve never had this problem or felt this way with turn-based war-games.  AoE 2 is scratching an itch I have right now, but I doubt it will send me on an RTS bender the way that Kingdom Rush had me briefly obsessed with Tower Defense games.

2 responses to “I Never Really Got Into a Lot of These Games

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty much been my experience with RTS too. The most fun was in the early to mid-game part where you’re scrambling to defend yourself and build up good units, and the second half is all attrition and wiping up. Turn-based strategy games like Lords of the Realm were a little better in that regard, because at least you had sieges which were fairly fixed in terms of how tough it was to knock out the last castle, but even that game could devolve to throwing massive armies at smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker foes.

    • I kind of wish I could find something like Fantasy General. In my opinion, that was one of the best fantasy strategy games ever. Dozens of maps, dozens of unique unit types, several generals with differing abilities. The only problem was that there was always the urge to savescum in case anything really bad happened to your heroic units. It’s one thing to lose your favorite Panzer division or flight of ME-109s, but to lose Lorik the Barbarian or Malric the Dragon Rider is another story entirely.

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