Weekend Haul & Other Stuff

Because I can’t help myself, despite having more stuff than i can reasonably read, I managed to expand my collection on a number of impressive fronts. I got several Jack Vance books, another Andrew J Offutt, and a few Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser books, some I didn’t have and one that was a first edition paperback of the one I already had (so I can pass along my reprint to a deserving person who needs it). What’s really cool, though, is that I got the serialized form of the High Crusade as well as a couple issues of digest sized pulps with Vance pieces as the feature stories.

Cirsova has been receiving a good bit of attention lately. As a review resource for MYFAROG, the new Basic edition has sent a good bit of unusual traffic my way. I’ve said before that Jeffro’s G+ feed is like Drudge Report for gamers, and some of the stuff of mine he’s reshared has ended up in cool strange places, like Conan message boards. Not only was I one of the Dyvers best reads of the week, I was in the top 10 of the month! What’s terrifying though, is that in a world where Wikipedia does not consider Breitbart and several other well known conservative/libertarian outlets reputable sources, Cirsova has been cited as a representative member of Gamergate and evidence that Agness Kaku doesn’t “blame” Gamergate for the harassment she has received on the Kickstarter Wikipedia page. Also, with the latest slippery slope flap over at Onebookshelf, I’m sure that at least one those “Unknown Search Terms” that has been giving me traffic is “Steve Wieck Hypocrite”.

I think the part about the 1488 ballots being thrown out might come from a misreading of this second paragraph, but this was a pretty good post-Hugos stream.

And yeah, Gamergate was not all that involved in the Hugos this year: case-in-point, I am probably in the top 10 ten most influential members of Gamergate actively involved in the worldcon debacle this year.

Later this week, I’ll talk about Thomas Burnett Swann and force myself to write a bit about Joseph Green’s A Star Is Born.

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