Fictional Milquetoast Leaves Fictional Abusive Girlfriend Following Actual Feminist Accolades

UK rag craps all over itself.

You read that headline right: “Feminists are angry that Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend is young and thin”

Despite being a caricature of the loud, abrasive, violent, bullying, self-centered actress type, something went dreadfully wrong with pop culture and a generation grew up mistaking Miss Piggy as some kind of a role model, simply because she was tough, female, and got what she wanted.  Nevermind that she usually got it by whining and throwing temper tantrums while being a nuisance and a danger to those around her.

Why Miss Piggy became a feminist icon in the last 20 years ought to be beyond me, but for some reason i can kind of see it.

Maybe Helena Horton is a professional troll. Given her job as Trending News Journalist for the UK Telegraph, sounds fairly plausible.  But more likely she’s been trolled by twitter because of wanting to pursue the narrative that’s been fed by all of the BS awards and accolades Miss Piggy has been given by the actual feminist community.

Best part that a lot of the tweets being used as supposed ‘evidence’ of feminist backlash are coming from accounts I recognize as individuals associated with Gamergate.  Most folks seem to be getting a kick out of the fact that Kermit was dumped by the violent bullying ‘feminist’ and is now dating an ‘attractive’ pig who’s probably a hell of a lot nicer to him.


Scamille_crosby seems taken aback that his/her tweet was taken to mean that it was a “backward step for feminism”:

2 responses to “Fictional Milquetoast Leaves Fictional Abusive Girlfriend Following Actual Feminist Accolades

  1. #BlackLivesMatter is still so much less important than Feminism! As long as ALL women are oppressed by patriarchy why do we even worry about a very narrow oppression example – just a single race?

    • Thanks for commenting. I’ve found that most of feminism is telling women that they’re being women wrong and that they need to be shamed into behaving in certain ways and conforming to certain ideas, so I no longer consider myself one.

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