Fortress Europa

Fortress Europa may be a tough oyster to crack.


Bismark proved to be too rules heavy to plunge straight into without doing some serious research in how to play, so we opted for an old favorite in Fortress Europa. The time we played before, years and years ago, I was the Germans and got soundly trounced. Apparently the Nazi forces non-coordination rule we’d used then (SS can’t coordinate attack w/Wehrmacht can’t attack with Luftwaffe can’t attack w/SS) must have been from a magazine or something, because we can’t find it now. We’re going ahead with using it anyway, because it’s realistic and why not?  We are skipping out on some of the hidden unit/secret movement/decoy options, though.

My initial landing at Normandy is not going particularly well. I lost two British division in what should’ve been a sure thing attack and ill weather immediately following D-Day has kept me from bringing in a true second wave. Right now, Ike and few divisions are hemmed in around St. Malo. If I can root out some of the Nazis who are cut off and holed up in Brittany, my logistical problems will be solved. The main thing I have going for me at the moment is that none of the other German armies can leave their districts until I launch a second invasion or push out of my current theater.

I’m definitely bringing my own dice tonight. I feel like half of the rolls I made last week were 1s. After playing a game like Civil War, the randomness is a bit annoying, particularly given that all attacks are fairly straight odds rolled on a 1-6 table. There’s some punching back and forth, with troops being quickly replaced and built back up, but managing to get 4-1 odds and still losing an attack because of rolling 1s is disheartening.

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