Fortress Europa Pt 6

Three turns left, and while the German Army is taking its licks and falling back and some of the worst of the Nazi big-bads have been withdrawn to deal with the Russians, I don’t think I’m going to meet the Allied Victory Conditions.  I need 4 out of 5 of Bremen, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Munich and Hannover.  I’ve got Bremen and Hannover, but there are enough guys between me and Frankfurt that it could very likely take me all three turns to take it and force a draw.  I doubt I could break through to Nurnberg and reaching Munich will be next to impossible.

The Brits have made a few successful forays, but biggest push I’m making now is coming from the Americans who are landing in Bremen in droves.  I’ve all but given up trying to dislodge the Germans from the south Rhine.  I’m still kicking myself for wasting so much time and manpower in the push from Lyon to Strasbourg.  If I had it to do all over again, I’d pushed across the north much stronger and with more Americans.

Aftermath next week.

Fortress Europa 2

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