Weekend Haul and Aborted Rant

Post is late and short today because after raging out for a few hundred words about some of the stuff I’ve read today on race, diversity, privilege and “the unbearable whiteness” of a certain writer, I decided it was not the best way to start on a Monday. I’ll just leave you with this one tidbit: the debate to determine and quantify the “Privilege” of various groups is today’s “Angels dancing on the head of a pin”.

I managed to avoid buying any new books, but I DID pick up a few things to choose from for the next game my dad and I play after we finish Fortress Europa this week.

Bull Run

War and Peace 

Air Assault on Crete

Later this week, I’ll wrap on the Summer 1947 issue of Planet Stories with “Quest on Phoebe” by James R. Adams.  I won’t lie and say I’ll finally get around to A Star is Born by Joseph Green, but it could happen.  I may or may not talk about it at great length, but I’ve finished Nine Princes in Amber; so THATs where the Illusion school gets its basis in AD&D!

Reading submissions this week and totally stoked to see this project taking shape. If you want to get something in issue 1 of Cirsova, try to have it to me before the end of November. End of October would be even better.

Might be a slow week here on the blog, but that may not be a bad thing.


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