The Sceptre of Morgulan Out (Sometime) Today!

I’ll be hitting refresh on this Lulu page today until a purchase link for Sceptre of Morgulan goes live.*  I’ve been taking a brief break from fantasy & science fiction to read John D Billing’s Hard Tack and Coffee: the Unwritten Story of Army Life in preparation for Avalon Hill’s Bull Run, but I plan to jump back into the fray soon!

Now that I don’t have a backlog of magazine submissions to focus on, I’ll be doing Short Reviews again.  I’ve started on a 1945 issue of Planet Stories and just about finished with the opening “Novel”, the Juggernaut of Space.  But once Sceptre of Morgulan arrives, I’ll probably drop everything to read that.  I need to know how the roguish bounty hunters in the employ of the Drisdak mages guild are going to stop the black magic girl who’s building a death cult amidst the sundered thieves guild with the help of an enthralled vampire who’d once been general to the dark lord said black magic girl worships.  ::stops to catch breath::

Guest post by Matt D. Ryan tomorrow.

*The digital version is already out on smashwords and all the usual places.


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