What a week!

It’s had its ups and downs, its highs and lows, and I must say I’m glad that it’s over! Because that means DCC tonight.


  • My copy of Sceptre of Morgulan shipped today.
  • Cirsova had a guest post by its author, Matthew D Ryan.
  • Started playing Avalon Hill’s Bull Run. My first post on it will go live at Castalia House on Wednesday.
  • With any luck, next week I’ll be able to announce the cover artist for issue one of Cirsova.
  • Reading Jeffro live-blog his reaction to reading Tarzan.


  • Wishing that I knew/had Photoshop instead of inDesign; while the latter is great for every other layout project I’ve ever had to do, Amazon hates it. I don’t think I’ll have the same problem with the Cirsova cover, but I’m on the 4th attempt to get Createspace to accept the tray card file for the new medicide album.
  • So much stress, it needs to be mentioned twice, trying to actually get these three medicide albums prepped for release, especially lacking any non-layout related artistic ability of my own, nevermind convincing the other guy that I really don’t feel like claiming other people’s cryptofascist shit as our ‘official’ insignia.  I’m just not that into cryptofascism, alright?!
  • How to Get Away with Murder is an interesting show, but for some reason watching it makes me want to kill myself.
  • Winter blues!


    Speaking of cryptofascism…

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