Cirsova Issue 1 has a Cover Artist!

Jabari Weathers will be contributing his amazing artistic talents to create the cover of the first issue of Cirsova.

Also, congratulations to Schuyler Hernstrom whose story The Gift of the Ob-Men will be the featured piece for issue #1.  A barbarian who was given a 3rd eye by myconoids fighting a two-headed horned wolf is going to look pretty sweet, let me tell ya!

The choice for cover feature was a TREMENDOUSLY difficult one, in no small part because of how great all of the stories in this first issue are.  Seriously, if I had another few thousand dollars, I’d give each a variant cover.  Something to think about next time.

It’s looking like everything will be ready by the beginning of next year!

So, here’s the new timeline as we move towards phase 3:

January – Finalize layout
Late Jan, Early Feb – Launch Kickstarter
Late Feb/Early March – Insert image and text ads into layout.
Mid/Late March – Approve POD Proofs
April – Start mailing out orders to backers.
May – Start work on issue 2?!




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